Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Winners & Losers

Once again, here is the question the ‘pundits’ pictured above

“So, why didn't the USS Ingraham just LRAD those ‘harrassing Iranian’ speedboats?”

Enough said.

Really... ENOUGH SAID!

My Name is Michael Sterling, and I have a Band to put together.


Anonymous anamomama said...

You are way too subtle for public office. Prescient too.
Bless You.

Please explain this graphic for me.

January 31, 2008 at 12:54:00 PM PST  
Blogger CANDIDATE said...

Thank you for your support.

WILL DO, as someone who should have KNOWN BETTER described it as "Hillary & Friends".

The pic of Hillary may be her best, coming after her NH win. Unfortunately, all anyone could talk about was how she cried. Chris Matthews was the worst, his non-apology apology PROVING he can't be trusted. The post evolved over a few days as >F*CKER, and the rest of the losers piled on.

Chris Wallace is pictured for his involvment in the FOX NEWS exclusion of Ron Paul when he polled HIGHER than Fred Thompson, who WAS invited. Ron Paul got 33% at the next FOX NEWS debate, as he did during the earlier FOX NEWS debate whose results are pictured in the background. Surprised Hoagland isn't running around with his hair on fire after seeing THOSE scores!

Ron Paul would have been the true winner if he hadn't given up the 9-11 Truthers the way Wesley Clark gave up Michael Moore. Bush WAS AWOL, and only Moore had the balls to call him on it.
Now, the Doctor who tried to save us all will be lucky to stay in public office after Rove gets through with him.

Unfortunately, by the time I thought I was done, the LRAD query practically wrote itself, and I realized the American People were the truest losers.

It's only gotten worse since then. IT WILL GET BETTER.

I had dealt with a Clinton Presidency with the re-designed "Most dangerous page in America", and I have since posted bare bones warnings about Obama and McCain... When asked, I just say "I'm voting iParty."

Try it...


February 29, 2008 at 7:49:00 PM PST  

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