Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Unpredictable Moment

Right up there with the "imminent something", and "upscale everything".

Bill Clinton was on THE DAILY SHOW (DEBT to AMERICA!) last night, and he began to lay out the conditions which, if met, would guarantee passage of the bill that would seal the deal on the 700 billion bail-out. I found myself holding my breath, CERTAIN he was about to say: “Condition number 1, George Bush and Dick Cheney must resign, THEN we'll talk about condition 2.”


Today, John McCain has figured out a way to keep not only his running mate from letting the cat out of the bag when asked real questions, but how to avoid losing to Obama in the debates. The next thing the American People should hear is that McCAIN FORFEITS ALL DEBATES HE CHOOSES NOT TO PARTICIPATE IN.

Suspending your election campaign to save the country from the economic debacle you are complicit in - despite the effects of your actions and the financial loss to others they will cause - only makes you dirtier than a yellow snowball, while proving that you've already forfeited far more."

Bush told us to go shopping. We did. Tune in tonight to see how he blames us, while telling us what we'll forfeit next.

Someone needs to say this.


My Name is Michael Sterling, and this is how they'll do it. Sorry Ty.


Anonymous Hank Akins said...

Yep... Agreed. Totally forfeited the debate with a classic vaudevillian move... (sp-That's how it SHOULD be spelled in his case)

September 24, 2008 at 2:56:00 PM PDT  
Anonymous mamalamaobama said...


You sure called it this time! Pretty obvious who "the bastard" is.

Can't wait until Stone's "W" comes out. Think we'll still be here?


September 24, 2008 at 4:47:00 PM PDT  
Blogger CANDIDATE said...

Thank you both.

Sometimes I feel this almost getting away from me.


Here's an image I won't have to do. Ben Bernanke is talking into his cell phone. Caption reads: "The impossible scenario we never planned for? Well, we better come up with a plan." Unfortunately, you could substitute Greenspan, Paulson or Rove. Actually, I have pics of Rove on his phone...

Too obvious. His prints are all over the events of today.

Funny how Ron Paul was the ONLY Candidate to address any of these issues during the Republican debates. I remember the last one turning especially ugly, when McCain was asked about the economy and admitted he didn't have a clue. They switched questions on Paul, who stood his ground and suggested he should be able to answer the same question asked of the others.

They actually cut him off when he pointed the finger at the Federal Reserve being neither federal, nor a reserve.

Bush didn't deliver the dire speech I warned of (a tactic of mine) tonight, but he put the solution right back in the lap of the Federal Reserve (without mentioning that WE still won't have a thing to say about it). His explanation of how "exotic financial products" were marketed to us by deceptive and predatory lenders, was right out of Pinocchio. I remember my father warning me about those guys. Astro the whale made it into Disneyland, but conspicuous in their absence are the fox (who pretended to be lame) and the cat (who pretended to be blind) who convinced Pinocchio that if he planted his coins in the Field of Miracles - outside the city of Catchfools - that they would grow into a tree with a thousand gold coins. Sounds like marketers of exotic financial products to me.

Closer to our present situation unfortunately, is the nightmarish warning every child has heard; the stranger beckoning from an open car door, offering candy, a quick trip home, or something you're not even old enough to know about yet. Who would fault the dead child, who simply failed to notice the difference between a good adult, and a bad one, yet was rewarded with the blame for their own murder? Only someone who knew it might happen and did nothing. Someone who knows who is truly responsible, and why. Someone truly deceptive and predatory. A true villian who needs another, any other, to be the caught fool.

A thousand apologies to any blameless parent who has lost a child this way.

A thousand more to every misled parent that has sent their child through an open HUMMER door in Iraq, and will never see them come back either.

All remaining apologies (700 billion of them) to the Americans that Fractional Reserve Living has finally caught up with, and left feeling very, very foolish.


September 25, 2008 at 1:19:00 AM PDT  

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