Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Satanic Pixels

Iran's 'hidden' Imamic (MAHDI) bomb; the NEDA device, at the moment of detonation atop the Azadi Tower - PRESSTV

To the Supreme Leader, Mullahs, President, and rulers of Iran and repressive regimes everywhere: “Where is YOUR Michael Jackson? If the King Of Pop could have been born ‘only in America’, then STFU!"

PEACE BE UPON HIM (Can You Feel It?).

My Name is Michael Sterling, and I speak for the United States, the Free World, and for fans everywhere. Someone has to.

Today, NO ONE can speak for Michael Jackson.
on all who speak against him tomorrow.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That graphic is, well, explosive!

I hope it doesn't bomb. (rimshot)

Now, do you think that those wacky Persians would rather blow up themselves, or the real evil?

America is only the "Great Satan" because it's run by Zionists.

- Ed K

June 25, 2009 at 1:20:00 PM PDT  
Blogger CANDIDATE said...

Now you've done it.
This response was longer than allowed, so it's in two parts.



Who would have thought that by the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, the 21st century successor to the most powerful nuclear device ever exploded - soon after that very wall was erected - would be hidden atop the Azadi Tower in modern Tehran, ready to take 95% of Shia "Twelvers" to a fiery martyrdom that would far surpass the 50 megaton blast that had shocked the world in the time of Kruschev.

The MAHDI Bomb however; sardonically nicknamed "NEDA" for the female protestor slain during the theft of the last Iranian presidential election, was the true goal of Iran's nuclear program during the time of Bush/Obama - even though the Iranian contact with the team of Adamsky, Babayev, Smirnov, and Trutnev had happened decades earlier.

Unlike it's predecessor designed at Arzamas-16; the secret nuclear weapons laboratory in the Urals, the MAHDI bomb had been designed without the lead tampers that reduced fallout by 95% in the Tsar Bomba. Replacing lead with Uranium-238 brought the MAHDI bomb's fission yield back to the original 100 megatons with maximum fallout. 25% of the fallout caused by ALL bombs since the invention of nuclear weapons. Radioactive fallout from the world's largest "dirty Bomb" carried by the summer winds across Iraq, Israel, and south to Saudi Arabia. The true al Qiyamah of the Twelvers.

“Imperialism is the final stage of capitalism”

Determined not to get there before everything was in place, Dick Cheney had raised the stakes in the "Global War On Terror" to include the 1% possibility that if terrorists exploded a nuke ANYWHERE in the world, the whole GWOT was not only justified, but an appropriate response would then be imminent. Iran's Supreme Leader realized that even an american nuke detonated on an expendable ship in the middle of the Atlantic, would fill that particular bill, and ordered the finished MAHDI bomb moved from it's bunker bunker beneath Bushehr to Ground Zero above the heart of Tehran where it could be armed. The Tsar Bomba had caused a 7.1 earthquake when dropped from over six miles up. The destruction that would be caused by NEDA when it was detonated only 45 meters above the heads of the faithful could only be guessed at.

The fact that Iran announced the return of "The Mahdi" was greeted with scepticism at best, and as a hollow threat or sanctions bargaining chip at worst. When the Ayatollahs set the date and exact time of it's detonation however, Iran blew past bluff, to checkmate, and waited for the Great Satan to resign the Great Game. To those who knew that the Persians had invented chess, it was no surprise that the weeks leading up to the "Entrance to Paradise" did not bring the West to it's knees. But much like the fictional destruction of the Vatican in "Angels & Demons", the eyes of the world - and the consciousness behind them - were, in fact, riveted to the live 24/7 image gracing the screens of Iranian PRESSTV.

November 16, 2009 at 2:05:00 AM PST  
Blogger CANDIDATE said...


Even that was not the ENDGAME.

Unlike a Hollywood blockbuster where an unlikely hero saves the day in the nick of time, there was nothing anyone could do to martyrs determined to strike at their enemies from within their own country. Martyrs whose unprecedented and unstoppable deaths would ensure final victory. A victory even Dick Cheney could do nothing about.

With the sanity of civilization already hanging by a thread as the Mayan Calendar and the Long Count ground down to 12.21.12, the MAHDI bomb might well have not been necessary after all, but End Time is as End Time does, and just can't come fast enough for those committed to taking the fun out of fundamentalism.

Crashing the gates of Paradise is a risky proposition, and if unwitting victims of mass murder are cut breaks, it should be no surprise that weather itself came to a standstill over Iran on that fateful day, and what had been worshipped as Great (with a little help from the Chinese) drove the stalled radioactive cloud back into the ground with 40 days and forty nights of rain from the heavens above.

IRAN. RAIN. What a difference a letter makes.


Now, back to that Hollywood blockbuster where an unlikely hero DOES save the day that unites us all. You, of all people, should have a pretty good idea how I'll do it, and why.



November 16, 2009 at 2:11:00 AM PST  

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