Thursday, April 23, 2009

Bigger Eichmanns

Churchill was right. Ward Churchill.

We now have a new list of those who were just following orders. A list of human beings content to torture other human beings because those in authority had told them it was acceptable to do so. A list that grows by the hour as those who hid behind the Bush Administration scramble like centipedes whose rock they were comfortable living beneath has been knocked aside.

Sean Hannity has proclaimed that waterboarding doesn't even hurt, and when cornered with his own words by a comedian that got the best of DeNiro, claims he'd do it for charity.

Keith Olbermann has tonight called Hannity's bully-pulpit bluff, and pledged a thousand dollars for every second the fool lasts, setting in motion a ratings war more horrific than watching pre-bailout Detroit iron tear apart "enemy" combatants in a post-pandemic Las Vegas.

Stephen King was right too.

The Torture Everyone America parties are next, and neither Stephen or Ward are responsible for the nightmare they did their best to warn us about.

Has your "AMERICA, LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT!" bumper sticker come back to haunt you?

Would the office workers who were told to stay at their desks or LOSE THEIR JOBS as Tower One burned, gladly tell their bosses to "take this job and shove it!", if given another chance? If they knew what we know today?

Stephen Colbert can focus the country like a laser beam on the insanity of our circumstances when reporting that Texas wants to secede from the United States by stating the obvious: “Hey Oklahoma. Better get started on that border fence!”


FOX NEWS* is where you go for opinions. MSNBC is where you get the facts. Comedy Central is where you find the truth.

I once said: “...the United States could end the ‘War On Terror’ overnight if it showed the rest of the world that the policies of the Bush administration are history, and that the people now in power had nothing to do with the inhumane actions of a President unfairly installed by the Supreme Court six years ago.”

The second half of that non-bully no-pulpit bluff was: “...the President of the United States should (then) look the leader of whatever country is threatening us in the eye and ask: ‘What exactly do you mean when you say DEATH TO AMERICA?’!”

Preferrably on LIVE TV. WORLDWIDE.

Not following through with the second half of my strategy, has only ensured that Barack Obama will have to ask that question of the real threat to an America that used to stand for something. Americans. Americans who lost. Americans who would rather torture the other guy than admit it.

No wonder 1 in 3 children old enough to watch "the news", don't believe the Earth itself will exist when it's finally their turn.


Someone should tell them that there's still plenty of time to watch THE DAILY SHOW.


My Name is Michael Sterling. “From you, I get the story

*Shepard Smith's stock just went up.


Anonymous AnonyMate said...

The poor, Ward Churchill, the bailout, the pandemic, STEPHEN KING! Mahmoud, vaccine doubt, blowback, loss of rights while being questioned, Lindh, Obama betrayal denial, strip-searches, the pacific garbage patch, the end of the world, and FOX NEWS; Unfair & definitely Unbalanced, HOLLYWOOD!.

Quite a list. I agree with your point(s) taken. All that's missing is
the plane over New York.

Thank you for your campaign which need not stop.



May 1, 2009 at 1:36:00 PM PDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who are they?
Who, who, who, who?

May 1, 2009 at 1:57:00 PM PDT  
Blogger CANDIDATE said...

AM. Long time no...

An iParty mailing went out recently (SHIFT HAPPENS Rift Store) with an error in ONE ( instead of NEVER do that!) address, and bounced around 20-30 times until someone complained. The message was labeled SPAM, and the account automatically closed. Address book and all saved messages... GONE.

No good deed left unpunished or dancing lessons from God. Take your pick. I have.

I have also updated the email the Artist / Candidate links and have replied to several other comments I had been unaware of: Stimulus Package, The Fate We Make, The Return Of Slavery, Hope & the Great White, The Other Number 23, and Life Finds A Way (Wedging The Universe).

I had been watching “The West” (worth it for the opening theme alone) - one of many videos my Dad had taped and left for me - when the latest proof of the White man's forked tongue and the disaster that follows trusting in words that mean nothing, hit the news. Strange how all talk of torture and Bush/Cheney's responsibilty for it has disappeared beneath the waves of Swine-Flu coverage (When Swine Flew).

Ward Churchill came immediately to mind (again) and this post might have just been the title and the first sentence, but then I remembered the tent city pic, and I was off and running. As usual, the next few days supplied the pages I had only to link to, to prove I was not just raving and drooling. I stopped before every word (oops) became a link.

So, this, is for you.

Whoever is responsible for the photo-op must not have seen Fahrenheit 9-11. There are many powerful images in that movie. Perhaps the most powerful, and certainly the most relevant here, is when the screen goes black and all you hear is the roar of jet engines. Engines that are way too loud and way too close. Michael Moore only has to cut to the thousands of memos and legal documents floating to the streets of New York to convey the horror of what has just happened.

Stephen King puts it this way in "The Things They Left Behind"; one of 13 stories set just after sunset (what a gig, but King deserves it).

A man who chose not to go to work in the WTC on September 11th, is haunted by objects treasured or used by his co-workers who did, and died that day. Mundane objects that insist on materializing in his post 9-11 apartment. He gives one of the artifacts to his neighbor in the hopes that it will not return. It does. Held in a hand whose previously well kept nails are now bitten to the quick. Having picked up the DEAD ZONE vibe it gives off, she describes what she's seen before insisting he NEVER see her again:

“He tried to crawl under his desk, did you know that? No, I can see you didn't. His hair was on fire and he was crying. Because in that instant he understood he was never going to own a catamaran or even mow his lawn again... at the end, he would have given every cent he had, and every stock option he held, just to be able to mow his lawn again.”The Office on Acid.

An irate Brian Williams actually chided those responsible for not turning the event into a true Photo-Op; where everyone knew in advance of the PR flyover and were encouraged to go outside and take pride in what they were seeing. Air Force One circling the Statue Of Liberty AND the nation's capitol. How long, I wondered, before he realized the ugly answer uncovered by his suggesting the obvious - the only thing proven during this new horror - that SOMEONE had decided that the American People couldn't know of these plans in advance because someone was afraid of what might happen if we did. Someone that threatened NYPD and NYFD with fines and legal action if the surprise was spoiled. Someone who cancelled the Washington leg once the reaction from New York flashed around the world.

Those who blindly participated in what can no longer be disproved as a Psy-Op against the citizens of New York and the rest of the country (most of us heard the engines and the screams of New Yorkers fleeing their offices before we saw a jumbo-liner banking erratically on national TV), should have paid more attention to Michael Moore and Stephen King instead of just following orders from those above them.

Especially if they're planning to mow the lawn.

Thanks for sticking. You and your comments are much appreciated.

All ways.


May 3, 2009 at 5:35:00 PM PDT  
Blogger CANDIDATE said...


Thanks for the MAYDAY link.

I would have gone with "Oh Who the fuck are you?"



May 3, 2009 at 5:38:00 PM PDT  

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