Thursday, February 8, 2007

Living With The Enemy

"You need a Wife..."

So says a former Wife.

Did I miss something?

That's like turning on the television in time to hear Glenn Beck say: "The source of all our problems is Israel. Since 1949!"

The source of ALL OUR PROBLEMS is SEX. Day One.

Love is a discovery along The Way. Or is it the other way around?

How are we ever going to live in peace with those on the other side of the world if we can't get along with the one next to where we are sitting right now. The one we can't get out of our thoughts. The one we can't wait to see again. The one we would give part of our life just to kiss again? Much less as STARMAN says: "& the other things".

The One.

You know who you are.

"Love your enemy" is more than three words spoken over two thousand years ago, it is the formula for Peace itself. A reality lost on those with a "personal relationship with the Lord" who railed against the recent black plastic message in front of an Australian church: "Jesus loves Osama".

You know who you are.

Bush has turned "MAKE LOVE, NOT WAR" into "GIVE WAR A CHANCE", knowing that personally spinning John Lennon in his grave just makes the job sweeter. Lennon -- not Lenin -- gets the last laugh, because life IS what happens when you're making plans; as the worst American President is quickly finding out.

Here's a song no one has heard since Ulysses wrote it for Penelope; while a guest of Circe.

I dreamed, of Home
I dreamed, of you there
I dreamed, of marble halls
I dreamed, it all

I saw, or so it seemed
My course, my way through
I knew, what Gods know
Yet woke, alone

To days, without you
To HOURS, without you

If life's, without you

I'll dream again...

Sex, infatuation, Love, attachment, conception, responsibility, websites... Sex.

I'd do it all again.

Planetary Mysteries & Anna Nicole Smith. Peace Be upon Them.

One will be back.

My Name is Michael Sterling, and I approved this page.


Anonymous Larney Ornbeef said...

Mr. Sterling:

I'm sorry to hear you are having woman problems. I'm also sorry to see that has exited from cyberspace, and mysteriously at that! What's the inside scoop?

I remember being at the JPL "open house" protest in 1998 with Kynthia and Tom, and how only five of us showed up at all, but that we got to stare at Kynthia's tits.

I also remember being greeted by a bizarre man at the Mars exhibit who told us that humans born on Mars would grow to be 12 feet tall and have bad backs due to the low gravity.

Yeah, those were the days -- the halcyon days of Hoagland griping on the Art Bell Show about the first images of the "face" on Mars since the 70s being a big whitewash.

Yeah, that was the peak of the energy, which has dwindled as the fascism that reigned at NASA crept into mainstream politics.

Those fake terrorists hate our freedoms, fer sure, but they hated Hoagland even more for exposing the Mars coverups. (The probably liked Kynthia's tits, though! Who wouldn't?)

No one cares about Mars anymore. All anyone cares about is looming nuclear war, the war on the poor, the war on human rights, the war on social security, the war on organized labor, the war on the Constitution, the war on natural food, the war on electric cars, the war on enviromentalism, the war on education, the war on rich people's taxes, the war on clean air, the war on clean elections, the war on the middle class, the war on affordable housing, the war... oh, hell, I'm out of breath!

The war on science ranks pitifully low. Long Live!

February 9, 2007 at 4:32:00 PM PST  
Blogger Candidate said...

My problems with women appear to be over...

Mars is another story. You might enjoy this page:
(BINK on top art)

As Rogue Art Director for PM in 1997, I may have gotten a little too involved but what's Life for?

As for the "War On Us", they're just getting warmed up... but then I had a very pissed off squirrel in my attic once, and was able to relocate him with no harm done.

Thanks for your comment.


February 10, 2007 at 10:35:00 AM PST  

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