Saturday, June 9, 2007

134 Days Later...

Paris Hilton; imprisoned within the Twin Towers, is not the only one suffering from a Sauer stomach. The President Of The United States had to take a "nap" when his Missile Shield move was put in check by a Russian that should not be played with.

I wonder who has the guiltier conscience?



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, it's not Hannity's America yet, but neither is it yours or mine.

Why are you running "knowing you can't win"?

Thank you for your support of Paris.

June 10, 2007 at 3:55:00 PM PDT  
Blogger Candidate said...

"I am putting myself to the fullest possible use, which is all I think that any conscious entity can ever hope to do."

As for Paris, she looks better every day. As Ted Koeppel made a career out of the Iran Hostage Crisis which was prolonged by Reagan in order to insure their release when HE was President, mean-spirited 2nd-stringers are milking the Hilton travail for all it's worth - conveniently forgetting that she was charged unfairly from the start. I went to the "Pardon Paris" page when they put it up, and in my iParty Candidate capacity pointed out that a pardon for Paris would certainly ensure a pardon for Scooter Libby. Paris Hilton's recent statements; even though she was cruelly and unjustly sentenced BECAUSE she was Paris Hilton, and then re-jailed for the same reason, not only prove her true class, but will hopefully set the TRUE precedent for any future plea not to put Scooter in the Big House if he doesn't drop HIS appeal.

PEACE BE UPON HER (let's hope she doesn't overdo it).

My Father was a career Air Force Officer, so we didn't always agree on what service to the country meant. Especially when it came to Vietnam and my Draft Card, but we watched a weeping Robert McNamara speak decades later - admitting he'd made mistakes that resulted in the deaths of Boys who followed orders and asked no questions. I'd never seen Dad that mad, not even at me, so subsequent discussions about Bush and Iraq lasted a little longer. I showed him a printout of a page detailing the destruction of Fallujah years ago, and though he couldn't accept or believe that the United States that he had served could act so heinously, he did point out that the article had been written with an obvious bias, and was suspect, cancelled out.

Hence, "F IS FOR FALLUJAH", and the SHIFT HAPPENS UPDATES that followed.

There is much interest in the end of the world today. There is actually a program detailing the most dangerous threats to life as we know it. Watching a Gamma Ray pulse sweep across the planet - wiping out everything it encounters - is as good a reason as any to think twice about what we say and do.

Just LAST NIGHT, the definitive description of the nightmarish reality of one group who thinks their Messiah is coming back; planning to sweep across another group who thinks THEIR Messiah is coming back (apparently their can be only one, and it's certainly not going to be you), was presented to arguably the most popular radio host of our time, only to be met with suspicion because he DIDN'T KNOW that the current President Of The United States thinks that GOD told him to strike Iraq. To Art Bell's credit, he had googled the confirmation by the break, but he's years late, and like an thirsty Mammoth eyeing the smooth surface of that inviting water hole, he stays at the edge not knowing that the tarry truth behind who is responsible for the events of 9-11 will set him free, not suck him into the depths that will end life as HE knows it.

Art Bell is coy when asked to conduct another mass awareness experiment. Possibly with good reason, since Katrina followed soon after Hoagland's on-air attempt to focus the C2C audience on Coral Castle.


If the New Age movement has gifted us with anything it's the concept of Projection. Unfortunately, the CIA has trained the Bush Administration in the technique of "projecting" your planned actions on your enemy so that when you actually "do the deed", the public already thinks "they" did it, and you can react with righteous indignation when someone points the investigation at you. Better yet, you can just ignore the obvious... as with a vote of NO CONFIDENCE directed at your Attorney General but aimed at you. Wasn't that scene in STAR WARS?

Artists are in the projection business.

For example, the first line in "The Sirens Of Titan" - "Everyone now knows how to find the meaning of life within himself." Projection at it's finest, but not to cover one's ass, or deceive others in advance. Kurt Vonnegut continues on the very same page: "Mankind, ignorant of the truths that lie within every human being looked outward - pushed ever outward. What mankind hoped to learn in it's outward push was who was actually in charge of all creation, and what all creation was all about."

In other words, "Who's the Boss? What are the rules? How do I keep from being punished?"

Unfortunately, paid newscasters who continue to read their scripts because not one of them has the courage to say: "I'M NOT GOING TO READ THIS!!!" when confronted with the current 24/7 answer to who the boss is, what the rules are, who to punish next... may not have their audience's best interest at heart.

"So it goes..."

Looking inwards, and knowing, like the black soldier in "Apocalypse Now" who simply answers "Yes", when asked if he knows who's in charge, is made suspect, if not cancelled out by those guys on your inner shoulder that keep saying: "Yeah, but...", and "What about...?". Questions that can not help but open your eyes.

Who is the Buddha Boy? Not WHERE is the Buddha Boy?

Happy to continue adding to my online body of work, I was finally confronted with someone who had actually read every word, and simply stated: "You should run for President. I'd vote for you." I grew up thinking that I could be President, even though the Russians were stating simply: "WE WILL BURY YOU!", so when my new Ally disclosed that he had not only been a previous webmaster for John McCain, but also offered to purchase a campaign domain as an obvious first step, I said yes, as I thought any red-blooded American would do. Then, I did what perhaps only I can do, and started thinking about how an Artist WOULD run for President. Thus, the iParty, and it's OFFICIAL website; became dreams that have not lost any grandeur coming true.

Determined to keep it that way, I've come to appreciate what it means to be Presidential.

I may end up staring down the barrel of a weapon that was never a weapon, into the barrel of an enemy who was never an enemy, only to paraphrase Captain Jack Sparrow: "Artist..."

The outcome of that moment may, in fact, be all I could ever hope to do.

Maybe not...


June 11, 2007 at 4:08:00 PM PDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

WASHINGTON (AP) - Republicans blocked the Senate's no-confidence vote
on Attorney General Alberto Gonzales Monday, rejecting a symbolic
Democratic effort to prod him from office despite blistering
criticism from lawmakers in both parties.

The 53-38 vote to move the resolution to full debate fell seven short
of the 60 required. In bringing the matter up, Democrats dared
Republicans to vote their true feelings about an attorney general who
has alienated even the White House's strongest defenders by bungling
the firings of federal prosecutors and claiming not to recall the

Republicans did not defend him, but most voted against moving the
resolution ahead.

Short of impeachment, Congress has no authority to oust a Cabinet
member, but Democrats were trying anew to give him a push. Gonzales
dismissed the rhetorical ruckus on Capitol Hill, and President Bush
continued to stand by his longtime friend and legal adviser.

How do I vote for you?

June 14, 2007 at 8:47:00 AM PDT  
Blogger Candidate said...

I believe you just did.


June 14, 2007 at 10:53:00 AM PDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

We can see every tear dragged out of Nifong and Paris, but no one sees what happens to Libby... and THESE guys!

"Skeptics might wonder how much it cost to block the inclusion of Ron Paul in the Iowa caucases. What was your price? Others might just be furious that a couple of small time political operatives have obviously taken it upon themselves to decide for the rest of us, who can run for political office, and who will be excluded from the nation's earliest official contest.

Iowa needs to be excluded from the primary contests, as you two have just proven: because Iowa simply is no longer representative or in-touch with anything outside the State of Iowa. Iowa was once important, back when America still had family farmers: but with the coming of the New-World-Order to Corporate-Farming, Iowa has become irrelevant to the national electoral system, and because of this fact - changes must be made.

Iowa should no longer enjoy the prestiege that it has always traditionally held, and this is especially true, given the intransigence that is so evident in your failure to respond to questions. That was probably a very large mistake - because this decision of yours will have reprocussions, given the number of interested voters who will no doubt feel absolutly violated by the arrogance of your unilateral decisons.

"As a Christian Conservative Radio Talk Show host and a believer in freedom, I am outraged by your Nazi censorship tactics excluding Congressman Ron Paul from your "Presidential Candidates Forum". This is very similar to the actions of the Communist Chinese or North Korean leadership. This is obviously the work of the Neo-Cons in the Republican Party not wanting Ron Paul to succeed in his bid for the White House.

Ron Paul is a grassroots candidate that is up and coming in this race. He is the only true conservative and Christian running for President. His record on Christian issues as well as taxes speaks for itself. His opposition to this unjust war in Iraq has obviously unleashed the attack dogs within the Republican Party. Both of your organizations are supposedly conservative and yet you exclude the most conservative candidate in the race.

Obviously this was done intentionally and it stinks of censorship.

Also for the Iowa "Christian" Alliance, how can you justify excluding the most Pro-Life and Pro-Family candidate in the field? There is no explaination other than either you folks are not a real Christian organization or you have been pressured by the Republican Leadership. Which is it? I along with America would appreciate an explaination other than the lame non answers given so far.

Ron Paul, by the way, was invited by both Fox News and CNN to participate in the nationally televised debates. Online Polls as well as both the Fox News and CNN polls showed clearly that he finished the debates as either the clear winner or close runner up. Once again, I would appreciate an answer as to how you can exclude the leading candidate from an online polling perspective.

I will eagerly await a response to my questions and will encourage my listeners to base their support for your organizations on your responses. Please respond to this letter with valid reasons from a Christian Conservative perspective why Congressman Ron Paul is being censored from your forum and yet Tommy Thompson the implantable microchip for humans candidate (Applied Digital Solutions), Mitt Romney the pro-homosexual anti gun candidate, and Rudy Guiliani the pro-abortion candidate have all been invited.

This reminds me of the days when a guy named Jesus was attacked by the dogs called Pharicees.

Thank you for your time and consideration regarding this important matter to all Americans not just Iowans."

Ron Paul Excluded in Iowa

Jan Mickelson of WHO News Radio 1040 in Des Moines interviewed Ron Paul 2008 chairman Kent Snyder about Ron Paul being excluded from the upcoming candidates forum sponsored by Iowans for Tax Relief and Iowa Christian Alliance. Ed Failor of Iowans for Tax Relief joined the interview later to explain why his group decided to keep Ron Paul out."

June 23, 2007 at 8:59:00 AM PDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The heiress to the Hilton Hotel fortune is released after 23 days in jail. No Illuminati message/threat there!

What's up with Ann Coulter?


June 27, 2007 at 10:34:00 AM PDT  
Blogger Candidate said...

Paris Hilton was never more beautiful than when she strode out of her cruel & unusual punishment... sans make-up. Father of 3 beauties myself; all I could say during her Bambiesque approach to her waiting Mother was: "Good for you!"

"She was simply the most beautiful female Tycho had ever seen. Hers was not the beauty that had enslaved Woman whenever Man had seized the reins of power, condemning her to a life of terror; ever increasing, as Time left it's insidious mark. Nor was it the revenge of slaves; buying their freedom from bondage with still more bondage and even deeper enslavement.

It was a fearless, confident, declaration of Inner Truth and compassion that sprang from the depths of Feminine Wisdom to leap from eyes that laughed as they searched his. Eyes that assured him that this creature was no Vision, no fantasy contrived to save a frightened life.

She was real."

Paris was not even born when I described the dardje; the Martian love interest in FLYBY, but if she practices her Yoga, the part originally written for Anna Forrest, is hers.

Ann Coulter however, insists on playing the Villain, and nothing can hide the creature she has become. I did, however see the conversation you may be referring to. She was "stunned" at the fact that Bush had done nothing to "secure" the border, and that his current "disconnect" from the Republican Party bordered on betrayal. I almost started a new post entitled "Ann Coulter Wakes Up". Truly stunning though, is not the "death" of the "comprehensive" Immigration Reform Bill, but the nonchalant announcement that it is dead until 2009!

Bush has made good on his deal with Vincente Fox and cleaned McCain's clock at the same time. Hillary has chosen a Canadian campaign theme to cement the North American Union, and the Chinese will get their 10 lane Wal-Mart Highway to finally, physically, split the United States in half. The only thing that will come out of all the stalling and compromise will be a National ID Card; REAL ID, for anyone that wants to apply for a job, prove they should keep the one they think they have, or get from one coast to the other.

All this while Ron Paul is continually asked if he's "a Republican" when it's obvious that he's the only Republican running!

We're in dangerous waters. Not just because the envious and the hard-hearted still insist on reviling a repentant Paris Hilton on National TV, or that the lurking monsters hidden in the headlines are more than even Ann Coulter can bear, but because of everything BUSH/CHENEY are going to keep hidden while they lame-duck their way into History. A history they stole in 2000. A history their Supreme Court accomplices continue to write and re-write because we can do nothing about it.

Running out the clock always smacks of cowardice, even when there are only seconds to go. Doing it until 2009 can be nothing but.



June 28, 2007 at 8:38:00 PM PDT  

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