Friday, December 25, 2009

If Only In My Dreams

“Little girl I've come to stay
And this time I just have to say
I love you

If she turns you down and you're rejected
Try again the best you can
Call to see her when you're least expected
Tell her now she’ll understand.”

Tell Her Now / John Lennon

I lost one daughter when I left California for Colorado. I lost the other two when I returned.

My Name is Michael Sterling. It was good to be found again.


“Maybe I should go away
Maybe I could stay all day
Maybe it'll matter in the end
If we're ever one again.”

Maybe / Mind Pirates

*"What if an Artist ran for President?"

He'd want you to keep going.

100 million viewers watched "The Day After" in 1983. One of them was Ronald Reagan.


.ms / 03.12.2010


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