Thursday, December 7, 2006


Impeachment is not enough and the apology will come too late, but the United States could end the "War On Terror" overnight if it showed the rest of the world that the policies of the Bush administration are history, and that the people now in power had nothing to do with the inhumane actions of a President unfairly installed by the Supreme Court six years ago.

There should only be ONE pre-condition for talking with our enemies; the President of the United States should look the leader of whatever country is threatening us in the eye and ask: "What exactly do you mean when you say DEATH TO AMERICA"?

A President who has been bailed out consistently by the lawyer that defended the Saudi Royal Family from a lawsuit filed by Sept. 11 victims and their surviving family members -- who five years later, still appears to be unable to do anything but continue to use the horror of September 11th to justify his slaughter of innocent civilians for another two years -- obviously does not have what it takes for such a showdown.

I'll do it.

One of my favorite responses to "What if an Artist ran for President?" is: "He'd change everything."

Tonight; with that same lawyer having successfully diverted "the debate" from what the American People obviously voted for last November 7th, so that his client can continue doing just what he wants... and the few who still ask "who profited most" from a National tragedy that swept away any objections to War, find their questions overrun by the ever louder arguments that have replaced the search for the guilty, this appears to be a good place -- and day -- to start.


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