Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The return of COMMAND Z


IMPORTANT (DOABLE) NOW because CHINA is SURGING troops into OCCUPIED Tibet to QUELL the INSURGENCY of OCCUPIED TIBETANS. The American people just do a Cheney and say “So?”, and then get all pissy when someone suggests that we nuked Japan and DIDN'T BLINK AN EYE!

The Dalai Lama is the Dalai Lama. It's up to non-Dalai Lamas to SEIZE THE MOMENT.

ANY AMERICAN that goes to the Olympics under these circumstances is saying SCREW TIBET, while supporting the screwing of Iraq.



Americans have one more chance - perhaps the last - to prove to the World we are not murderous, pathological, or some insane combination of both.

There is no way to tell if the 1st iParty speech posted after I announced my intentions - “Impeach & Apologize” - was of any help, but I appreciate that over 73% of Americans currently want BUSH/CHENEY impeached - even if, when asked if the fact that that a slightly lower percentage of the American People finally want the war in Iraq to end - Dick Cheney simply responds with a smirking, mono-syllabic “So?”.

If he can be so cavalier about the deaths of tens of thousands of Human Beings sacrificed for the profit of himself, and those that put him into office for two terms, how concerned do you think he is about his insane, pathological, murderous arrogance causing the deaths of hundreds of thousands more?

Years ago, my Father didn't think much of the Dalai Lama because he couldn't see what He'd done for his country. I knew he meant that he himself would have done more if it had been him. He'd certainly done all he could for his Country, and me.

Since 1949; when the War on Terror actually began with the shots ignored around the world, the rest of the world has been saying: “So?”

TODAY; with our Secretary of State and Vice President being politely thrown out of every country (except Israel) they make their pitch in, YOU can finally say “FREE TIBET OR ELSE!”, or else be faced with the same argument used to justify the horror of Iraq - “Things are so bad NOW, we can't afford to lose BECAUSE THEY'LL JUST GET WORSE...” - when it's used to justify not pissing off the Chinese. This, from those who committed America to surging american troops into occupied Iraq to crack down on the insurgency of occupied Iraqis. Politicians responsible for the deaths of over 4,000 American troops, and in debt over 3 trillion dollars to China, Saudi Arabia, and who knows who else.

Bush IS the spoiled brat who cannonnballs into the country club pool, then repeats his offense because “Everyone's wet anyhow...”

The latest thing the EXILED Dalai Lama has done for his country is to offer to “step down” in order to stop the imprisonment and eventual slaughter of his people (enough for my Mother to proclaim him a “Good Man”). He has even offered to “officially” support China's sponsorship of the 2008 Olympics; both acts of a true leader.

It IS up to the rest of us to step up and do what even He cannot.


Everyone but the President of the United States that is - who still intends to go - a pawn that really has no choice, and probably didn't blink an eye when it was explained to him.

I know which of these two men my Father would be proud of today.

My Name is Michael Sterling, and I may have thought I'd given my last speech, but I am compelled to answer the question: “What if an Artist ran for President?” one more time. Artists are constructing the Olympic logo out of barbed-wire & interlocking handcuffs, but the "OR ELSE" in FREE TIBET OR ELSE is all mine, a BIG THOUGHT; one too big for CafePress, but one I've given away EVERYWHERE I CAN.