Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Life Finds A Way (Wedging The Universe)


If Steven Spielberg can return to Close Encounters Of The Third Kind and add some scenes, I can finish off this post on September 23rd - the 7th anniversary of Bob Abel's death - 13 days after I started it.

I have been a little busy.

When I first moved into my "office" above the back door in 1976, one of the first things I noticed was an 8X10 glossy of a very young, VERY skinny Franken & Davis in their wizard outfits. Just yesterday, FOX NEWS was ready to lynch Al over a SNL skit unfavorable to John McCain.

Much has changed, and not all for the greater good.

Maybe it IS just Eloi and Morlocks. In 1976 I wasn't worried about Neophiles vs Neophobes, Dharmacrats or Republicants, Us & Them, because I knew there was no contest. Now, though I wake up outnumbered, I know I was right.

Love will always triumph over fear.

I didn't move to Hollywood to make movies, but I soon came to realize I was there to make "The Movie". To Richard Taylor's credit, the night we discovered that TITAN and FLYBY were both about the Rock Messiah, and I actually went as far as to say "...and that's me!", didn't change our ability to work together towards what we now knew was a common goal.

STAR TREK: TMP's 40 million dollar budget is not even the steam rising from the 700 BILLION dollar pile of bail-out that threatens to GO WIDE as I write this.

Bob could have done a better job.

Today I proclaim him vindicated.

"The Movie" has yet to be made, but it is no longer his fault. In fact, it may someday be said that IT couldn't have been made without him.

My Name is Michael Sterling, and IT is coming.