Monday, June 22, 2009

Death To America (Part Three)



Benedict Arnold. Enemies foreign & domestic. A name and a concept burned into every American's mind from the first day they open an American History textbook in Elementary School - and yet - today there is a "news channel" whose "commentators" oppose the President of the United States and his policies, and encourage their audience to do the same, 24/7. Often before we know what those policies are.

Perhaps, regardless of what those policies are.

Those they enable, all but calling the President a coward when he was the sole American with the courage to speak to the Muslim world and the people of Iran first. Before his enemies began hinting at his weakness and timidity. Before the very event they claim shows his passivity.

I need not name these new Benedict Arnolds. They know who they are, and you do too, but I will give a name to their not so hidden agenda whether they are paid by CBS, ABC, NBC, CNN, FOX NEWS, CNBC, or MSNBC.

TEA (Tear Everything Apart) TV.

Termite TV.

The morning hours from 3 until dawn are too precious to waste, but anyone that stayed up to give the Supreme Leader the same chance they gave Barack Obama, now knows which one is bat-sh!t crazy, and why the other should at least be given the benefit of the doubt. Unfortunately, the horror of seeing an unholy man explain why the elections could not have been rigged - BECAUSE THEY WERE LEGAL - can only be replaced with "The horror, the horror" of seeing the Liz Cheney justification for torture sail over the heads of those frantically trying to explain the importance of unverified twitter footage or an undercut leader of the free world's 'declining' poll numbers.

The Ayatollah would be a Republican if he didn't already have a better gig.

Even more horrible, is the deluge of continuous commercials and the chance to see the same thing, back-to-back, four times in a row, that news-hungry Americans are subjected to without realizing that THAT is how you really steal an election, put down a protest, maintain absolute power.

Or tear a country apart from within.

The day after the Berg beheading, I showed my father a "WAR ON TERRA" image so provocative - so demoralizing - so true, I had to promise him I would NEVER use it, and I never have. Now however, with yet another Berg sticking his neck out, I think Dad would agree with my statement about what History's newest traitors are doing to the flag he fought for, and understand why I'm going to leave it up for all to see.

Do you grieve for your sister?”


My Name is Michael Sterling. I truly hope there's no Part Four, but Hope may no longer be enough. Even in America.

Especially in you know who's America.