Saturday, December 1, 2007

So, What About The Chip?

Tommy Thompson may have dropped out of the 2008 Presidential Race rather than admit that though he suggested the "chipping" of Americans before leaving the Bush Administration to head VeriChip - the very company that would do the chipping - he had still not been chipped himself.

It is, however, Hillary Clinton that lucked out last night, having moved on to Iowa knowing that there is yet another question she won't have to answer.

As with so much of network news, the mention that the "Lone Gunman" held Clinton campaign workers hostage in a doomed effort to speak to the "Healthcare Candidate" about the "chip in his head", surfaced only once before the focus shifted to how quickly "Campaign Carl" could plant the FOX NEWS flag at the scene.

How about: "See if there really IS a chip in his head."?

My Name is Michael Sterling, and if James Lipton were to ask me what profession I would least like to attempt, the answer would be "Newscaster".