Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Purpose Driven Panel

Long story short.

John Zogby went on the DAILY SHOW after New Hampshire and couldn't explain why he had been so wrong. Pressed by Jon Stewart, his final statement about the business he was in and why he was in it, and going to STAY in it, was: "Hey, I'm my family's ATM machine!"

NOT FUNNY JOHN. Thank you again Jon.

The 2008 "Election" should have come to a screeching halt when the RNC took out Ron Paul, The DNC took out Stephen Colbert, and Tim Russert took out Dennis Kucinich. Not to mention CNN's treatment of Stephen Bassett, and all those he represents.


America has been driven into two opposing camps - those who champion the candidate who will turn a deaf ear to the war crimes of the Bush administration once in office, and those who remain blind to the possibility that the POW's left behind in Vietnam by their war hero, were sacrificed rather than being allowed to expose the drug trade that has funded covert ops and black projects ever since - and armed with steak knives.

The purpose driven pastor shames evangelicals everywhere by describing the lengths he's gone to in insuring the second speaker has been unable to hear the questions asked of the first, while the winner/loser of the coin toss, IS NOT EVEN IN THE BUILDING!

The last Native American Church ceremony I attended, a young man asked for permission to leave the tipi - and didn't come back. After a few minutes, the Chief stopped the ceremony and sent other young men to go and bring him back. We were told something about the missing teen-ager's predicament, and by the time he returned, he was welcomed by 25+ strangers, who made him feel safe and welcome. The ceremony continued and we were all the better for what had happened that night.

Why could Rick Warren not do the same? Is he too not a Chief? If not, why does anyone follow him? Especially when he proves (on LIVE TV) that the tongue forks both ways.

He, like Bush before him, KNEW and did nothing.

At least Dan Abrams has followed Tucker Carlson and John Gibson into GAME SHOW NEWS oblivion, and won't be pitchforking the american people's 24/7 argumentia dementia anymore. Let's hope The Verdict is replaced by "I'm Maddow as hell, and we're not going to take it anymore."

My Name is Michael Sterling, and the GHOST DANCE is returning.