Saturday, October 3, 2009


The loyal opposition. Who else cares more about the health of their money than the health of their "fellow Man"?

A little over 3 months after Iranian dissenters put Twitter on the map, CNN; first to jump on the "social networking" bandwagon, runs a story targeting those who used that very same service to warn and direct G-20 protestors away from those who sought to arrest them.

The only difference between Iran and today's post-Pittsburgh United States is that our police use military pain-inducement devices on our dissidents. And get away with it.

Hindering prosecution? Criminal use of a communication facility? Possessing criminal instruments?


Entrapment Tonight.

Way to go America. While you've been arguing over your pennies going into someone else's pockets, that which is truly priceless has been stolen from you as surely as the Empire State building WAS NOT turned green to send a defiant message to the Iranian "dictator" during his trip to the UN.

The whole world is really watching this time, and all those waiting 60 years for the destruction of our country can only be thinking: “It won't be long now... and we didn't have to do a thing!”

Think about that next time you turn to your favorite 24/7 cable news channel... and leave it there.

All apologies to Harry Turtledove, Reverend Wright, and Neda.

My Name is Michael Sterling, and I went through a "mine" stage.