Monday, January 12, 2009

Stimulus Package

Cadillac can put GM and the United States of America back in the black with the launch of the Cadillac OBAMO - the best ride in the Free World. Numbered production runs, limitless custom accessories that only the First Family enjoys. No two alike.

We won't be able to sell them fast enough, and all without the involvement of the 111th Congress, OR Madison Avenue.

Someone better get on this before MiG comes out with their 250+ mph / 65+ mpg Super-Exotic, or Sukhoi their SuV.

Americans may still have the best ideas in the world. Perhaps it's up to us to agree on the best thing to do with all that money.

Bush is yelling at the press, shaking his head "NO" while he says "YES", and daring an AMERICAN reporter to throw a shoe at him. He's mad enough to nuke Nebraska if WE push him too far.

"Clearly", what's been done up to this point hasn't worked.

Going to be a LONG 8 days...

My Name is Michael Sterling. If anyone has a better idea, let's hear it.