Wednesday, September 3, 2008

All About Eve

The Torch has been passed... from Jamie Lynn Spears to Bristol Palin.

More about that later.

The little I saw of Boosh last night, he seemed to be saying how John McCain would attack three kinds of Americans.

Now, with Rudi Giuliani speaking to the same crowd, HE could say "AND WE'LL GAS EVERY THIRD AMERICAN!", and that crowd would scream: "YAYYYYYYY!!!"

Who knows what will happen when the Mother of all Republicans is finally unleashed.

When Edward G. Robinson said: "How did we come to this?", before he broke into tears in Soylent Green, this may be the very night he knew had happened, insuring the Nightmare that would follow. A Future that came to pass IN SPITE of his best efforts.


Having spoken for Men everywhere, I'm tempted to let Women have a shot at it, but this is looking way too much like a mEth-driven Vampire Rave just before the sprinklers fire off and douse all below in blood.

No, this is more like a really bad BATMAN episode, with some new evil redhead villainess; a Politician that herself, can be traced right back to The Monkees. A woman that could be a heartbeat from the Presidency. A woman, who if you close your eyes, sounds like a grown up Jackie from "That '70's show", but is only the woman Rudi Giuliani longs to be when you finally force yourself to look.

All this while the REAL Vice-President is over in the "Conflict Zone", putting some "spine" in the Georgians. No doubt emasculating "our ally" for losing on National TV. Then he'll get down to the real business of staging the attack on Iran from there with all the humanitarian aid we've sent them. Yet another Republican do-over.

“Just a moment... just a moment.”

My Name is Michael Sterling. GOD BLESS DAMNED AMERICA.