Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Entrainment Tonight

Never doubt that a small group of determined, secretive people can control the world. Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.

Not exactly what Margaret Mead had in mind, but words committed citizens hoping to change that world should remember as we head into the next few years.

No, make that months. Projecting the rewards of activity, or the results of inaction into a future that will inevitably change before anyone can enjoy or suffer either, is one of the former groups favorite tactics.

Another correction I must make. In a previous COMMENT, I said that the Iraq War was not a war but a mistake - yet another way an argument with only two options is controllable - a useful distraction. Rudy Giuliani has recently floated his campaign strategy based on running the country like a business. What have Bush/Cheney been doing for the last four years? Iraq is NOT a mistake. It's a long planned weapons test; an opportunity to train soldiers for the real wars to come. IT'S GOOD BUSINESS. War always is for someone.

ONE HUNDRED BILLION is what they're demanding today, for a grand total of 448,000,000,000. That sound like incompetence or a failed strategy to you?

Government officials no longer have to testify under oath, or be held responsible for the results of their actions taken while in office. Suggestions that any of this is evidence of corruption are simply labeled ridiculous or not worth dignifying with a response; a response that will be kept from the light of day whatever the cost, no matter who is ridiculed.

Ridicule as policy.

The American Dream* is as fake as a chrome NASCAR grille. Winning today is all that matters, no matter what is lost tomorrow or the cost to others yesterday.

Even Bill Maher is so conditioned by the endless routine that he continues to repeat himself where Bush's 9/11 "Pet Goat" 7 minute silence is concerned; IMMEDIATELY cancelling out everyone who's heard his rant before, instead of pointing to the obvious - that "America is under attack" was code for "IT'S GOING DOWN. SHUT UP AND DO WHAT WE TOLD YOU, AND YOU'RE PRESIDENT FOR THE NEXT EIGHT YEARS..."

Who is protecting who? What was the Chomsky book Pat Tillman read before he was killed by American Soldiers? Will you recognize Occam's Razor when it's held up to your neck? Perhaps you're content to wait for the swishing sound of your jugular being severed as long as Bill O'Reilly tells you that the warnings you hear are "ridiculous", or your checking account doesn't get too low.

Not me.

My Name is Michael Sterling, and I approved this page.

*America, or any other country for that matter, can do no better than a committed citizen like Stephen Colbert, who alone can keep a straight rubber face while he delivers the following world changing line: "Should we go to war with Iran? We only need 300 troops."