Friday, January 26, 2007



So much for the State Of The Union.

While mention of ever larger dollar amounts headed for Iraq reconstruction, and Iraqi job programs triggered meaningless standing ovations that could have only confused the rest of the world, I kept waiting for a real hero to stand up and shout: "WHAT ABOUT NEW ORLEANS?"

Anyone who caught Tony Snow and Karen Hughes' star pupil speaking to REPUBLICAN ONLY audiences since however, might think the rest of the Union has ceased to exist.

It obviously has for them and their ever shrinking audiences.

Over a year ago, I compared the President Of The United States to Old Yeller and Hitler; both of which, ultimately turned on and tried to kill those who had trusted them once they finally found themselves cornered; their rabid failure exposed.

REPEATING: Take heed America. The President of the United States can not be trusted.

George W. Bush is the jerk who does a cannonball at the public pool; soaking everybody, only to smirk at the wet and dripping as he climbs the ladder yet again. Those below, so heavily invested in his "success", bravely continue to sip their now chlorinated drinks as though nothing has happened. One more trip to the beauty parlor is just another chance to go shopping as the President asked. Another credit card swipe is but a silent sacrifice and another government approved chance to support the dying troops.

Unfortunately, there is a much more dangerous denial, a much more public sacrifice in the works.

"The 5th Anniversary of 9-11 has come and gone and Karl Rove is still in power, with FOX NEWS at his beck and call. Bush is bailing, the American People are more divided than ever, and The United States Air Force is officially suggesting that non-lethal weapons be tested on American protestors before they're turned on Islamo-Fascists. "

134 days later, the Active Denial System is introduced to the American Public. How many Daily Show / Colbert masterpieces is that, and did they make a difference?

How about your Mid-Term Election vote?

What will?

Focus On The Family is going after Cheney for not walking the walk, and the "World's most listened to Talk-Show" has announced the imminent underground test of an Iranian Nuclear Weapon courtesy of North Korea.

Not talking to THEM, unless THEY say what WE want, must be working.


Cavuto, Snow, Blitzer, Malkin, O'Reilly, The Beltway Boys, Glenn Beck, Scarborough, and Kasich are still talking the talk. As are Carlson, Hannity, Russert, Coulter, Kristol, Hume, Dobbs, John Gibson, and yes... Noory.

Why? Who writes their copy? Signs their paychecks?

Mike Wallace certainly doesn't get it.

What will the country look like in another 134 days?

Will it be Hannity's America or ours?

Maybe the Greatest Generation bought us enough time, and 40 communist Flankers to 1 Lockheed/Martin Raptor will be a fair fight.

Maybe Not.

Personally, I favor the USS ENTERPRISE Captain, who when asked about the threat posed by the Soviet Union's first blue water Aircraft Carrier, laughed out loud before explaining that it had taken us "thirty years to run one of those things without killing ourselves".

He wasn't worried.

Forty years later James Cameron's worst nightmare is rolling off a TOP SECRET assembly line somewhere, and the No Spin Zone is beyond any Jack Torrance daydream.

"See? It's OK. He saw it on the television..."

In 2001, I designed the "TURN OFF YOUR TV!" bumper sticker. I meant FOR 3 DAYS!

Tonight, as Wayne Newton Rogers; an American Sailor who survived serving on American Aircraft Carriers, rests in peace at Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery, and a third American Carrier; one named REAGAN, rushes to war off the coast of Iran, I challenge everyone to watch CNN, MSNBC, and FOX NEWS for three days straight so that we might all see how important, and at risk, the next 134 days actually are.

Trust me, I've done it.

*As for the kid who hand-lettered BUCK FUSH across the trunk of his '70's Chevy "all those years ago", he's been the Person Of The Year ever since.

My Name is Michael Sterling, and I approved this page.