Monday, August 17, 2009

What did we know,

and when did we know it?

Tonight, Greta Van Susteren insists there will be "blood on the floor" in an upcoming (R) on (R) Texas governor race, describing her guest's opponents as already "coming out swinging", and aiming "right between the eyes", in spite of her guest's repeated attempts to tamp down such violent language.

What's that got to do with DISCLOSURE and the end of the world?

It's why we won't be discussing DISCLOSURE or the end of the world for the rest of the summer.

FOX NEWS is sooo busted. AND culpable when that blood is actually spilled.

Here's what I'd like to see for the rest of the summer - my CHALLENGE to the mighty warrior tribes of Cable News - Lawrence O'Donnell on The Factor, Jonathan Turley on Hannity, Jonathan Alter & Richard Wolffe on GLENN BECK, Melissa Harris-Lacewell on ON THE RECORD. Tonya Reiman on COUNTDOWN, Dick Morris on The ED Show, Michelle Malkin on The Rachel Maddow Show, Frank Luntz & Charles Krauthammer on HARDBALL.

Mix & Match guests to hosts as necessary, but only FOX on MSNBC and vice versa.

CNN can handle all the twitter traffic / facebook response and Johnathan King can post continuous updates & comments on their "Magic Wall".


My Name is Michael Sterling. All right... here's something about the end of the world.

In "SPIN STATE" - a sci-fi stunner written by an author born in the same year 2001: A space odyssey was released - a Quantum Era future is described using terms like pre-migration earth, the evacuation, the embargo, and yes, euth wards. It is a future that despite it's awesome technological advances, discovers the basis of that technology is a non-renewable resource. A dying resource. That, however, is not the similarity to our world that leaps off the page at a reader who has taken a break from Town Hall TV. In this passage, one can see the fear driving anyone who fears “the other”, and operates on a “not one of us” basis. Where that fear leads, and the failures it produces.

In this world, we should pay attention to what fails before we all find out too late, what was truly too big to fail.

It was not enough to say they didn't believe in freedom. They had, as their political philosophers were endlessly proclaiming, evolved beyond it. Only when Li met her first postbreakaway constructs in the interrogation rooms on Gilead did she begin to understand this. They seemed to belong to some other species, one that had nothing to do with humans. The first ten identical prisoners came in, and people commented on them, wondered about them, perhaps even felt sorry for them. Then the next hundred, the next thousand, the next three thousand arrived, and the wondering turned to fear and revulsion. Words failed in the face of such cold, impersonal, mass-produced perfection. Compassion failed. Belief in the universality of human nature failed. Everything failed.”

Chris Moriarty

Emphasis added.

Well, back to SPIN STATE: 23.8.09