Thursday, March 26, 2009


NASA holds a contest to name Node-3 on the International Space Station. The name “Colbert” beats “Serenity” by 40,000 votes when 230,539 people vote for Stephen Colbert. NASA's response is to ignore the results as FOX NEWS did when Ron Paul beat his opponents by double-digits in THEIR own polls. Unfortunately, someone thinks it will be funny to name a toilet after Colbert instead.

Possibly the same people who think that an Atheist cannot petition to have the word “God” removed from future Inaugural Addresses, or a Brigadier General cannot question whether a foreign-born President has, in fact, already been sworn in as Commander-In-Chief, because both have “no standing”.

Who's left?

Instead of checking your credit score, or “what's in your wallet?”, perhaps you should evaluate your “standing” as an American while being one still means what we think it does.

Before it's YOU that's pissed on.

“Bust a deal, face the wheel.”

My Name is Michael Sterling, and none of the above is funny, no matter which media personality chuckles their way through “The News”, in hopes of imitating Stewart & Colbert, while only adding insult to injury.