Monday, February 19, 2007

The Game Of The Millenium

The Powers That Be have been busy lately. Unfortunately, they're even cheating at NEUROPOLY.

Art Bell and George Noory continue to claim that it doesn't matter if Climate Change is man-made or cyclical, just as they shrug off how we got into Iraq since we're there and there's nothing we can do about that now.

Thanks a lot.

The new Chinese New Year warns us that other than certain children born this year, the rest of us are in for disaster and calamity.

Like a greedy monkey with rising water at his nostrils; his stuffed hand trapped in a gourd whose opening is intentionally too small, refusing to admit his mistake and release his deadly prize, those who represent the worst of us may be in for a cosmic surprise.

Hard call, but that's why the Supreme Being gets the Big Bucks.

I gave a man on his last legs a ride yesterday. Before I put it in D, I joked that he better not be some eccentric billionaire (Howard Hughes used to walk the same beach) who'd leave me a Planet or something for my kindness. He could only admit to being a pauper.

A pauper. In Southern California. In America. In 2007.

Sure, there have been paupers in every Age, but was their condition blamed on their own actions, or was it the result of those around them? Did the refusal of their neighbors to answer that question doom others to poverty?

One of the great Planetary Mysteries is how advanced civilizations could have vanished from the face of the Earth without leaving a trace. Did they have their own Jet Blue and Iraq SURGE debacles? Can a people survive that can't see the similarities between being held captive on a runway for ten hours and being trapped in an illegal presidency; sacrificing their young for four years, their vanishing freedoms for seven? Did their Jenga reality finally topple when it's foundation was downsized once too often by a player who thought the game meaningless, inconsequential?

Did they struggle to fence off the borders of their pyramids when it was the leaders stealing the capstones that should have been thrown out of the country before it was too late?

Unlike the hidden support personnel that double the size of any last minute effort to reinforce a dying policy, the children born under this most ancient of zodiacal signs, will be blessed with those who help them in any way they can. Help that is it's own blessing.

The First Daughter is pregnant, and my Grandson will be one of those who may usher in the Bright Ages where the Dark God now rules.

Welcome li'l Jimi, I'll help you, and all like you, any way I can.

My Name is Michael Sterling, and I definitely approved this page.