Monday, July 7, 2008

Truth, DISCLOSURE*, and the American Way

The American Way is up for grabs.

IRONMAN can tell you more about the reality of foreign intervention, Al Qaeda, and the Military-Industrial Complex than a month of cable news marble-mouthed spitoonees.

A DJ spinning for a 4th of July party is pulled aside because "BORN IN THE USA" isn't patriotic enough. Ian Punnett calls in to C2C after Noory plays Whitney Houston's definitive performance of "The Star-Spangled Banner", and asks: "Was that Ashlee Simpson?"

Jesus Buddha. NAOMI KLEIN.

South Carolina wants crosses on their "DRIVE THE WALK" vanity license plates, but they didn't let Stephen Colbert run in their Democratic primary, and they won't approve of a symbol that doesn't stroke their own vanity or mark their territory, even though "X" has always marked the spot.

Karl Rove flips off Congress, William Kristol threatens America with another PNAC attack on Iran if Obama wins, and George W. Bush pisses on Tibetans everywhere.

To paraphrase Jimi Hendrix: “Ohhh... there ain't no trust nowhere”.

Maybe the Joker will clean everyone's clock in time for Scully & Mulder to BRING THE TRUTH HOME.

But first, the Cinnamon Girl who first set her sights on me, will take the stage as the Woman she always wanted to be.

Happy Birthday Ringo. You still have the right idea, and it still just might work.

Peace & Love.

*Got a good reason for keeping the Aliens out
Got a good reason for keeping the Aliens out now

Cos they're just Fence Trippers, new world order yeah
It took us sooo long, to find out, but we found out

My Name is Michael Sterling, and Ringo can play with the MIND PIRATES anytime.