Saturday, February 6, 2010


Votes, holds, wild geese strikes
Domestic calls and Wives that fight
Sniffer dogs and black-bagged eyes
Our Non-Terrestrial Officer laughs and tries
Explaining why there are no wings
No more time, to change the CHANGE in things
Limo's here, get the gear
Mika's screaming in Scarborough's ear
Artists, fakirs, money-maker shakers
and saxy TSA X-RAY takers
Les Paul's Gibson
Stratocouper's pride and joy
Electric boys
Birthers, Earth Firsters
Off-World yearners
Dalai Lama invite burners
Minds and Pirates on a ride
A motley crew personified
But okers and dokers, crater climbin' tokers
Assumptions and the future Dr. No
Know which way the glow goes
One second after, no one knows
shadow government do
Other shady people too
'Cause you loved me, and I loved you
Just ourselves and Cable News
In the name of Palin Power
Out here where we'd already gone
Pipers at the Gates of Dawn

Who needs EMP? Go ahead, read "ONE SECOND AFTER"; the first "Tear Everything Apart-PARTY" thriller, but have FOX NEWS and MSNBC on in the background. You'll see who's threatening our elected government and who's not. Better yet, read Ben Bova's ABLE ONE and skip the crapaganda. Be warned however, one of these stories will bring you to tears though ABEL ONE may be the sadder story still.

Iran is in orbit and we're giving China the moon to pay off our debt, but you can still make a difference before you're left with only memories of what you truly had. Just think "Kundun", and that boot destroying the sand painting on the way into the Potala, and the Public Address systems that blared propaganda 24/7 at the Tibetans while their country was being stolen.

A boot still on the move and propaganda more effective then ever as The Drop Side and Quality Collapse Disorder continues.

My Name is Michael Sterling. PEACE BE UPON Leon and
Shelter People everywhere.