Thursday, February 14, 2008


Karl Rove says...”

Karl Rove says?

How did THAT phrase slip into the lexicon? Three words.
FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR. As the Oracle might say: “What's really going to bake your noodle later on is, did he already have the job when he described last November's election* as a ‘speed bump’ on the way to creating a Permanent Republican Majority?”

As a Junior at the real Ridgemont High, I was inspired by Music Machine's single hit to play in and name NAKED LUNCH; the first band to play during a CHS assembly. In honor of the occasion, we opened with “When I Was Young”, and left the stage before someone told us that we would never take it again.

Almost three decades later - my VOX Tone Bender a fond memory, but a proud owner of a 100W Marshall at last - I put together TalkTime, and performed it before the stage itself was destroyed in the land grab that changed the Garden of the Gods forever.

Valentine's Day 2008, and it's LAKSMI that is the memory.

My Name is Michael Sterling, and here is MY contribution to the lexicon: “It's the RING, stupid.”

*The 24 mouths pictured above; shamelessly misleading us 24/7, turning voter against voter, American against American during the not so gentle collapsing, have failed the task I set them in September of 2005. We would all be better off if the best they could do now would be to take a vow of silence until next November's election is over. SHAME ON THEM - for never asking “Why do they hate us NOW?”

Long live BibiJi!!!