Friday, July 31, 2009

MSNBC: The Smart Mop of Cable News

In these tough times...

So begins a new Smart Mop campaign worthy of THE MGT that advocates mopping up a spilled soft drink so efficiently that you can squeeze the lost soda back into your glass and drink it.

Drink it.

So much for the 5-second rule. Thrown under the bus along with "innocent until proven guilty" and "finishing your term" in elected office.

When next the Smart Mop attacked ketchup, mustard, and sand spilled on that very same floor, I found myself holding my breath, waiting to see if they would shake out the recovered summer-time debris on some beach-goer's hot dog.


Maybe next week.

Next week. When those Iranians who don't believe the man being sworn in as President deserves the title, will once again, risk life and limb to protest his assuming office when they don't believe he qualifies. After an election they don't think he won.

And in America - bastion of freedom of the press - how are we dealing with the very same problem?

FOX NEWS kept America from paying attention to the men behind the curtain for 8 years, but in only 6 months, they have Beta-tested the new Republican strategy of obstructing Obama (JUST SAY NAY) until 2012 when they can point to the "failure" they caused and then return to power.

“The stimulus will NOT work” has already become: “The stimulus is working, but FOR HOW LONG?”

BITCH, BITCH, BITCH. Obama could capture the leader of "The Base" single-handedly and kick his ass all the way back to DC, and FOX VIEWS would find some way to complain about it in order to rally the base of the party that called us a nation of whiners.

42 more months Americans will suffer at the hands of those who couldn't care less.


MSNBC however, may have done even more damage in just over 6 days. In that time, Chris Matthews pretends to have stumbled on the "Birther movement", quickly linking it to the 9-11 Truthers, thus proving the tactics used against Ron Paul during the campaign (Giuliani, Thompson, et al...) are still virulent. Especially when denigrating those who would question what they're told with every demoralizing elementary school playground name you can call a 4th Grader, and a few modern ones few baby-boomers deserve. Especially those that grew up being taught that Soviet "purges" were proof enough of an Evil Empire.


MSNBC. Where two rabid Anti-Birther 3rd stringers query a guest's assertion that the new GI:JOE film doesn't depict the american hero of that name. He even went as far as to lament the lack of Hollywood releases showing our soldiers in a heroic light. Donny Deutsch disagreed violently claiming the opposite, but couldn't come up with any titles when pressed. Deutsch could only call his guest IGNORANT because of his "unpatriotic" claim. One Donny KNEW was wrong though he KNEW nothing. The Guest went on to reveal that GI:JOE was now an acronym for Global Integrated Joint Operating Entity. Operating out of Brussels.


Then back to Michael Jackson's doctor-shopping. NO MENTION of Rush Limbaugh's expertise and experience in that area, or his drug aliases.


But Rachel Maddow should know better. Not what she was, she has followed the rest of MSNBC's ON-AIR personalities into the darkness previously occupied only by the name-callers at FOX NEWS. MSNBC; having linked Truthers to Birthers, Birthers to Obama's Birth Certificate, and legislation to demand Birth Certificates of future Presidents to treason, is actually chasing down Elected Officials on Capitol Hill and demanding ON-AIR statements of fealty to Obama in the best Bill O'Reilly fashion. A despicable tactic originally exposed by MSNBC. Rachel unfortunately, takes it a step further, and actually compares Birthers to those who have seen Bigfoot.

"Exposing" a congressional letter sent to her, she fails to see the difference between the sentences in red and those in grey, intimating that they are of equal importance, and those who don't agree have been warned. Reporting reduced to opposing "variations on a theme", with the theme more important than the variations and the facts they may contain.

Read it and decide for youself.

Before being elected president, then-Senator Barack Obama was plagued with questions about whether or not he is a natural-born citizen of the United States as the Constitution requires. To refute these claims, the Obama campaign in June of 2008 released a certification of live birth stating Barack Obama was born in the State of Hawaii in 1961.

Before giving birth, the suits claim, President Obama's mother traveled to Kenya with his father, but was prevented from flying back to Hawaii because of the late stage of her pregnancy, and therefore, gave birth to the president in Kenya.

At the time of birth, the suits contend, President Obama's father was a Kenyan citizen subject to the jurisdiction of the United Kingdom, thus handing down British citizenship to the president, while his mother was a minor at the time of birth, too young to confer American citizenship.

Moreover, critics argue, his grandmother claims to have been present at the birth in Kenya. Other suits claim that even if the president was born in the United States, he lost his citizenship when he was adopted in Indonesia.

As a historical matter, U.S. citizenship can be forfeited upon undertaking of the various acts including naturalization in a foreign state.

Rachel, NO JOB IS WORTH BETRAYING SLAVES TO THEIR MASTERS. Not even if doing so results in a loosening of your own chains.

None of the above is funny.

The original pre-inaugural Berg suit was brought solely to keep Republican attention from the possibility that everything Barack Obama accomplishes is forfeit at a moments notice. Attention that MSNBC has cornered the market on. A lot can happen before we get to "throw the bums out" again, but the race to bring down the Obama Administration while bringing in the chaos and crackdown that will follow appears to have begun in earnest.


The founders of this country demanded freedom of the press so that their descendants could continue to QUESTION AUTHORITY, not to enable tyrants; petty or otherwise, to punish them for doing so.

It is a strategy that still works.

Stephen Colbert can still "rail" as only he can, at the "tough times" comparison of Barack Obama to Herbert Hoover: “You can't compare Hoover to Obama. Hoover wasn't BORN IN KENYA!, and then challenge the Colbert Nation to find the truth for themselves.

They will. They too have been warned.

Much will happen before 2012. I guarantee IT. As for the "news", you might want to consider where it's been before you swallow any more of it.

My Name is Michael Sterling, and this simple statement from a friend is enough for me: “Regarding our President, YOU WERE RIGHT AND I WAS WRONG”. Unfortunately, my Christer LAST WIFE may not be as calm. Benjamin Creme just unveiled Maitreya's new slogan: "UNITY IN DIVERSITY", on C2C. The very words on the "world coin" unveiled by Medvedev only 4 iParty posts ago.

“I said speak your mind, Michael, but Jesus...”