Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Midnight at the Red Prawn Inn

Santa Claus DOES NOT say: "LET'S ROLL!"!!!

If you believe he does, you're probably still waiting to bury your coins in the Field Of Miracles outside the Citi of Catchfools - glossy and replete after the feast thrown for you before you collapse into deep sleep awaiting a wake-up call that's two hours too late - even when you were warned two days early.

Governor Michael Rounds of South Dakota declares a state of emergency EXCEPT for the Lakotah Indian Reservation. So much for sovereignty other than yours. Just set back and watch your "THANK YOU SARAH PALIN!" football games. Maybe you'll even see the new CIA "Global" recruiting ad while drinking the all-american beer that McCain sold to the Belgians. Don't worry, you've got four years until you have to stick your head in the new double-coned voting machines the new voice of the Republican Party spoke in front of last week. You know, the ones legally married men & women can use to punch God's ticket together, and still KEEP their heads?

God Bless America, unless there's profit to be made behind her back.

JFK had a mistress that gave him LSD (23 times), and someone got her jealous ex to kill him for it. Not however, before he challenged us to go to the Moon, and asked us not to ask what the country could do for us, but what we could do for the country. Two statements that make perfect sense in light of that revelation...
45 years later! Who knows what things would look like if his consciousness had been allowed to expand instead of the back of his skull? All that appears to be left of his vision is wondering what our country can do to us next as we suffer through the blowback blues* instead of doing something about them - like asking "WHY?"

We've been told (and rightly so) that it's better to light a candle than to curse the Darkness, but the candles have all been hidden and don't even ask where the matches are.

Tyrant ka(R)ma may yet strike down all the Cats and Foxes - leaving them blind, lame, or just passed out at a podium from which their forked tongue was stopped by an invisible hand - hiding from the truth even the most wooden of puppets yearning for the humanity we all take for granted knew: “Stolen coins never bear fruit.”


...or your stomach?

My Name is Michael Sterling, and my oldest Daughter is a Vegan who suggested the "got cruelty-free?" bumper sticker.

A Father's job is sometimes done.

* P.S. Thanksgiving; not your normal Thursday in November, is over once again, and I am one former Presidential Candidate who is thankful for Ward Churchill, Deepak Chopra, and the fact that no one was evil enough to give the murderers in Mumbai Obama T-Shirts. CNN, FOX NEWS, MSNBC. They all would have fallen for it. Especially Wolf Blitzer, Sean Hannity, and Chris Matthews. They've fallen for everything else.

P.P.S. It is now December 1st, and instead of a second anniversary post, I'll keep it short... and simple. Why is everyone calling Mumbai “India's 9-11”? Because it's as fabricated as ours. Let me know when Blitzer, Hannity, or Matthews (the Billy Mays of Cable News) reports THAT.

JFK was lucky.


We all have at least one more chance. BE THANKFUL.