Tuesday, August 4, 2009

America Goes Down

I once pointed out the horror of Administration officials fleeing to their helicopter when advanced upon by suddenly dangerous zombies out for revenge. The look of frozen panic on Obama's representatives confronted by Town Hell yellers is almost as bad. Trickle-down insult has made it's way to the bottom and is rising like a clogged toilet. Even Rachel Maddow doesn't look quite sure of her safety on her own set as she reports on 'the horror' she herself helped encourage.

George W. Bush ran on "changing the tone" in Washington.


The Founding Fathers made provisions to keep the 'mob' from decisions they weren't capable of making. Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, and those they've whipped into sudden dangerousness, are finally proving them right - though in their distraction - they fail to see the real danger.

Special thanks to A.M.N.H., whoever you are

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