Monday, January 18, 2010

Disc Closure


“Honest, to his own detriment. Gentle to the core.”

Can your Mother describe you thus?

Thank GOD for George Knapp (again), who allowed Gary McKinnon's Mother to plead her son's case for two hours last night. Hours that gave us all insight into what a hacker with Asberger's Syndrome might actually be like. A hacker that left messages (to his own detriment) on the sites he hacked alerting them to how easy it had been, and warning of all the other (Chinese, Russian, etc,...) intruders he had discovered as he searched for evidence of UFO's, and the Free Energy they represented. Energy that could have saved citizens that died from the cold when they could no longer pay their heating bills. Citizens dead at the hand of their elected government as surely as if their leaders had pulled the trigger on the gun secretly held to the heads of those they swore to serve.


If we are judged by an Alien Race as we judge Gary McKinnon, we are in deep trouble. Hoping that the Non-Terrestrial Officers he found are watching The Simpsons Movie may not be enough.

Unfortunately, pleading your case to a lawyered-up President who has used every trick in the book to keep his personal truth secret may be even more naive.

A hope for disclosure doomed to result only in a need to NO.

My Name is Michael Sterling. CLOCK is ticking.