Friday, August 15, 2008

COLD FEAT (The SURGE hits Georgia)

It is NOT 1968.

It's worse.

While chopping & channeling "The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion", I resisted the urge to update some of the original claims (300 of "Us" rule the world, as opposed to the current number - more likely between 60 and 6, etc,...), but there was one area where I DID bring the Protocols into the 21st Century. Nowhere in that damned document did the word "media" appear.

The original Protocols, dating from an era before Television, Motion Pictures, & the Internet, can be forgiven for only dealing with controlling the "Printing Press", but applying those same techniques to the world that exists today, and the fact that there was next to nothing on "the NEWS" today about the "crisis" in Georgia after the infamous handshake shown above, shows how Those behind the Protocols have truly mastered "The Media".

Our Post-Beijing partying President is back from patting volleyballers above their bikini line while the camera is on him, and awaiting Condi's de-briefing, though he already knows the Clear & Holdski score. Do you think Putin ever played Checkers? Can you even say NUCULER in Russian? How about "signing statement"?

A shameless FOX NEWS reporter; now enshrined next to the unnameable bastard* that shot John Lennon, finds himself "first on the ground" and surrounded by stunned Georgian refugees fleeing their destroyed homes. He and his crew, move in for a tight shot as he paces a 77 year-old Grandmother carrying everything she owns in two huge suitcases, and the ugliest of Americans DOESN'T EVEN THINK to lighten her load. But it's great TV.

The American Ambassador to the United Nations is told by his Russian equal to "SIT DOWN AND SHUT UP!", because The United States has no basis for complaining about one country invading another, and slaughtering civilians. He does. The footage is never shown again.

Renderings of Manhattan's "GREEN ZONE", and the plan to identify every car entering the island we stole from the Indians, are slipped into news about a new TERROR condition that IS EXPECTED to last through the Conventions, the Election, and the Transition. A massive U.S. Embassy on American soil that can now rise from prime real-estate that had to be leveled first.

Attorney General Mukasey waves off the final attempt to bring SOMEONE/ANYONE to justice for the political firings by graduates of Regents University of U. S. Attornies that didn't answer "What about George W. Bush makes you want to serve him?" correctly. Saying, in effect, that "all crimes are not criminal". AN "ALL PRIORITIES RESCINDED" SHOT ACROSS OUR BOW IF THERE EVER WAS ONE.

And then there's Denver.

The DNC has rented a warehouse in Denver to hide the GITMO "Sally Ports"; razor-wire cages they intend to put "Protestors" in, as the RNC did but four years before.

Perhaps, for when some 18 year-old starts the "WHERE'S COLBERT?" chant.

Whatever we see in the next few weeks, you can be sure it'll be great TV, although the real news won't be on TV.

My Name is Michael Sterling, and I am more ashamed of post 08.08.08 America than Michelle Obama when she blurted out the truth. If, in these perilous times when NO ONE knows the truth about America anymore, you still have a problem with what she said, you need to memorize this sentence; the essence of the America we are all proud of: “If we don't believe in freedom of expression for those we despise, we don't believe in it at all.”

Repeat as necessary.

* John Lennon's murderer may have been on the very prescription drugs found in every "Killer's" blood since Columbine, and it may have been as simple as him answering some spook's phone call - and hearing "goo goo g'joob" - to insure that Peace got no chance. FOX NEWS "finest" however, has no such excuse. He's just doing it to advance The Cheney Channel's ratings. That makes him, and the boss that will probably give him a "combat" bonus, infinitely worse.