Thursday, September 11, 2008

Death Always Wins (So They Say)

I observed the seventh anniversary of 9-11 by not turning on my TV. Unfortunately, I couldn't escape today's "What did She say today?" headline when she popped up in the iParty's free email service - so here's my question, which I KNOW the Hockey Mom wasn't asked by the Ancient Bavarian Conspirator: “ How long does it take to re-arm the two Blackjack Bombers that just landed in Venezuela, with the nuclear weapons that were already there?”


What do you mean by "We"? Your Republican Party that's less than a week old?

George Noory has tucked the C2C audience into bed with the 9-11 HORROR as though it's The Night Before Christmas, before "Morning Joe" airs yesterday's footage. Asked if she can (and she's shown where the camera is) look the American People in the eye, and tell them she can step into the Presidency at a moment's notice. She can't. She doesn't. Like a locked-off camera, this bespectacled Dear; lipstick in place, white-knuckled body language so painfully defensive - finally caught in the headlights of National TV - stares straight back at he who asked the question, not we who await her now worthless answer. Back in the studio, The Starbuckers don't even notice.

She'll do better with Sean Hannity. Guaranteed.

The FUTURE WAR has begun next door.

The Monster has come to Maple Street.

My Name is Michael Sterling, and if I haven't already scared the Hell out of you, keep reading.