Saturday, July 7, 2007

Suddenly, Last Summer

This post is not about The Motels, or even Sandra Ford joking with Martha Davis about success... and having to buy their Daughters BMW's.

GOD Bless Bob ABEL!

It's not about Richard Hoagland; who refused to have anything to do with the UFO Culture, yukking it up with George Noory... LIVE, at the 60th Anniversary Roswell Celebration.

How IS the Enterprise Mission's Art Director?

It's about Time Itself.

The illusion that allows the sealed affadavit of Walter P. Haut; one of the few people who may have truly known what happened in New Mexico six decades ago, and the NEW fact that it describes the crashed "disc" for the first time - as windowless and egg-shaped - to go unnoticed by Hoagland, Noory, and the rest of the UFO experts that have waited so long for just such a document... apparently only to see if only their personal theories are confirmed.

Windowless and egg-shaped. The very craft that Lonnie Zamora confronted in Soccorro New Mexico just years later. Noory doesn't believe in coincidence, but this one slid right by him and all his guests; researchers that should be running around with their hair on fire, but are blessing the 2012 opening of a proposed Roswell Theme Park instead, and joking that if the Aliens return... they'll have to pay for parking like everyone else.

Like Elizabeth Taylor's white bathing suit that became translucent when she was dragged into the sea in 1959, we've been allowed just enough DISCLOSURE to keep us looking while her insane gay date sizes us up from a distance... his appetite even more insatiable than ours.

Dr. Heywood Floyd explained to movie audiences across the world in 1968 why the truth about Extra-Terrestrial contact would be hidden from the masses, and I doubt those who made that decision will lose sleep tonight about keeping that secret SECRET as they monitor Coast To Coast AM.

"I'm sure you are all aware of the extremely grave potential for
cultural shock and social disorientation contained in this present situation if the facts were prematurely and suddenly made public without adequate preparation and conditioning."

Cancel my subscription to the Resurrection. 2012 can't come soon enough.

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