Tuesday, February 27, 2007


To paraphrase Pogo: "We have met the Supreme Being and IT is us."

James Cameron appears to be ready to blow the lid off the ossuary, so I'll get straight to it.

GOD must go.

If a fraction of the interest shown in the final disposition of Anna Nicole and her daughter is shown to the mortal remains of Jesus and his son, thousands of years of delusion could disappear faster than WTC7.

The operative word in the Pogo phrase however, is "We", and therein lies the problem.

Universal Studios can tell you to "Transcend Reality" with their latest ad campaign, but don't try it at home unless you're ready to be forced into exile, ostracized by your peers whose world is just fine thank you very much, and finally arrested, tortured, and crucified as a threat to the established order of things.


Robert A. Metzger's CUSP, describes the security measures taken in an imminent future when a human threatens to "transit the Point", becoming the first Post-Human with abilities beyond comprehension. It is an event met with half a dozen soldiers with weapons trained on the subject. More soldiers man a vat of hydroflouric-hydrocloric acid designed to peel meat from bone when tipped into the room below; a room that ultimately can be transformed along with the surrounding 10,000 hectares into a black-glass crater by the array of 20-kiloton pocket nukes in place in case things truly get out of hand.

All to keep a single Human Being from evolving in an uncontrolled fashion.

What are the over 80% of Americans who claim a "personal relationship with the Lord" so afraid of?

In "CONTACT", Ellie Arroway is denied the machine seat; not because she doesn't believe in God, but because no one could vote for "someone who honestly thinks that the other 95% of us suffer from some sort of mass delusion". Earlier, she argues that Science didn't kill God, only proved that He just didn't exist in the first place. These lines apparently forgotten by George Noory as he joins ranks with peer pressure Masters Glenn Beck, William Donahue and Bill O'Reilly to spin any possibility of next Sunday triggering the very paradigm shift Coast To Coast AM listeners listen religiously for every night.

Here we are with the second greatest discovery in the history of History bearing down on us like a tidal wave threatening Venice Beach and Manhattan with equal ease, and all we can do is run. Hide. Even though the disaster is ultimately brought to an impossible halt and miraculous retreat by the truth behind as simple a phrase as "LOVE YOU WIFE".

Perhaps we'll all get lucky and wake up on Monday to find that Mohammed and his "horse" didn't get off the ground either.

Happy Birthday Hope. Hang in there. Please.



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