Monday, April 9, 2007

Escaping Forward

Four years after George W. Bush and the Permanent Republican Majority tore down the statue of Saddam Hussein, Iraqis regret their jubilation that day in light of the betrayal by the United States that has followed.

Easter 2007 has come and gone and Jesus is a no-show once again; possibly when miraculous intervention was needed most.

Refusing to put benchmarks, timetables, or a date certain on that which you insist will happen just allows you to delude yourself about the righteousness of your cause, the justice of excluding all belief but your own, the wisdom of believing what you believe will happen at all.

Execution; whether on a cross, or at the end of a rope, is but a release from those whose belief demanded your demise.

Tomorrow may never know, but it always comes for those who must live to face their mistakes, their guilt, their ignorance. Getting "past it" and moving on, only leads to more tomorrows more resultless than today. Blaming everybody else for the sins of the world, or believing someone other than yourself can rid you of the responsibility for having committed them, is the very definition of Sin.

We are told that we have been given everything we need, yet we hoard what we think the best for ourselves while denying the rest to others.

Declaring a war of attrition on an infinite army only guarantees that we'll fight them here in spite of fighting them there. If there is an Antichrist, the 21st Century, and those responsible for the state it's in just seven years in, are proof that such a concept has legs, if not actual corporeal existence.

Defining Rapture or Victory so that it excludes all those without the proper ID, is the quickest way to ensure you swap places with all those you refused to do unto as you would have had them do unto you.

Liberation from the Wheel of Birth and Death, is the goal of all human beings; the one thing we can only accomplish through our own efforts in spite of all those who blame us for trying. It is the message of the Saints, and appears to be what Christ Himself was trying to tell those who were lucky enough to live when and where He spoke.

I have heard it. We all will someday. Maybe tomorrow.

My Name is Michael Sterling, and I approved this page.