Monday, December 18, 2006

Myth America

In the past, I have written: "Americans are in more danger than an '89 Camry parked in front of a chop shop.", and: "The United States is as frustrated as Georgina Spelvin looking for an orgasm in Hell."

TIME magazine may have it right naming YOU the Person Of The Year, even though they took their hint from choosing the hero who brought down George Allen as their Man Of The Year, but the mirror on the cover should show Wile E. Coyote; those bulging eyes, and sheepish grin betraying the realization that he's been had yet again by the crafty roadrunner, and hovers over the abyss -- inches away from the safety of the cliff he just ran off -- moments from that long drop he's come to know so well.

It's a look at least two of the guests on tonight's Scarborough Country couldn't wipe off their own stunned faces as everything except the Truth: "IT DOESN'T MATTER WHAT THE AMERICAN PEOPLE THINK!!!", was launched toward Vega courtesy of Pat Buchanan and the ever louder host.

King Of The Had; Richard C. Hoagland, has gone on C2C recently to have it pointed out to him how his warnings about NASA censorship have been proven accurate yet again, while the obvious message hidden in the references to the previous email campaigns and call-in campaigns to the appropriate government address, is that all the mighty efforts of those in Cyberspace, did nothing all those many years ago. Disclosure is as disclosure does, and those doing it decide when to do it. No on else.


The Coast To Coast AM audience is however, light years ahead of those who chose to change the control of Congress, in discovering how powerless we all truly are.

What will happen when Bush approval poll numbers drop to 9%, or 5, and approval for ending the war climbs to 95 or 99%, and nothing changes, or worse yet, even more troops are sent to Iraq?

Previously, I used a quote from Karl Rove who explained our continued presence in Iraq: "If America cuts and runs in Iraq, WHO'S GOING TO TELL THE FAMILIES that their loss was in vain?". There, straight from "Turdblossom's" mouth. The most blatantly obvious answer to why the Bush Administration insists on "Staying The Course". NOBODY WANTS TO ADMIT THEIR MISTAKE.

Tonight, I believe that the truth behind putting the surge in insurgency, is far worse.

We CAN'T leave Iraq.

Imagine the atmosphere in Baghdad as word sweeps across the city into the provinces beyond, that: "The Americans are leaving!". Leaving, having broken every promise they knew they could not keep. Retreating from every armed Iraqi that has lost a Loved One -- whether at American hands or not -- during the massive American blunder that has ruined their country. American soldiers consumed with the fear only the outnumbered ever know, Americans; slaughtering in "self-defense", anything that moves, anyone blocking their access to the waiting C-130's & C-17's, all those that threaten the no longer certain return home to the States, to the lives left behind.

War is Hell, and Hell is truly here. We created it, and all the praying to God or accepting Jesus didn't keep the 21st Century's greatest sin from soaking the bed that "is not defiled" in blood after all.

Miss America was having too much fun, so Trump is going to give it to her. Who will give it to those responsible for dragging the true image of America through filth far deeper than that found on any nightclub floor.

My Father had a favorite saying of his own: "Sometimes the Coyote wins..."

So, as TIME might say: "YOU do it."

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