Friday, December 21, 2007

The Closing Of The Way

The Dark Road is getting darker.

Big Pharma* is warning about their newest side effect; changes in dreaming - while providing Christians (and those that love them) with new crosses to bear - “It could have been my Daughter...”
“It could have been my Son!

“Changes in dreaming?”

How do you know when your dreaming changes? Did Matthew Murray notice before he was rejected one time too many?

Mitt Romney intends to buy Clear Channel, while a caller drops the big one on Coast to Coast AM - Ron Paul will be assassinated by the Bilderberger Group.

Maybe the worst thing that will happen five years from today will be that George Noory, and all his guests who have tied their success to 2012, will be out of jobs.

Maybe not.

If you must pray, pray that Ron Paul lives to find out.

My Name is Michael Sterling, and Hank Akins is the iParty
“Man Of The Year”.

*“increased risk of self-injury and confusion... to be closely monitored for signs of unusual behavior” - TAMIFLU (Rumsfeld/Gilead Sciences - READ “THE SHOCK DOCTRINE”!) warning