Friday, September 19, 2008

And Bad Is The News

“I was going to say a sense of adventure.”

This is how Ellie Arroway responds to a presumptous reporter who attempts to finish her sentence, interjecting his own word - "faith" - for her. The full sentence would have read “I have to believe that an Intelligence that advanced, knows what they're doing. Now, all it requires on our part... is a sense of adventure.”

Bryant Gumbel playing himself had an agenda, but he was nothing compared to the FOX NEWS horrors to come.

Just imagine how "Contact" might have unfolded, much less ended, had the female discoverer of the first radio signal from an Extra-Terrestrial source, been interviewed by one of the hosts above.

When the Democrats "took back" Congress in 2006, the SHIFT HAPPENS update read: “GOD BLESS THE DAILY SHOW!”

A list of those who had NOT lost the "Long War" the Bush administration was frantically trying to re-name, quickly grew to include Colbert and Olbermann.

Rachel Maddow - forced to cover her blushing face with her exquisitely feminine hands after having had to say, during a segment exposing Phil Grahm's production ties to, and support of, a pornographic film about women forced into prostitution at the nation's truck stops: “No rig was too big...” - was not even a twinkle in MSNBC's eye, and a moment not to be missed.

Now, as we wait for the inevitable Sarah Palin "Shockey Mom" sex tape, or her upskirt shot leaked by her own campaign to TMZ, so a McCain surrogate (probably a Cougar with glossy RED lips) can attack the first person to say something about same, the First Dude is refusing to testify or answer subpoenas like HE was already the President of the United States, or Alberto Gonzalez, or Karl Rove, or Andy Card, or Harriet Meirs.

All this, as the Bush Doctrine pushes us to the brink of war with Russia, with Iran, with North Korea, with Venezuala, with Pakistan. PAKISTAN; whose rules of engagement now include FIRING on U.S. forces in response to Predator/Hellfire attacks within their borders that apparently killed only sleeping Pakistanis.

One of the original 2005 SHIFT HAPPENS pages warned about the true goal of President George W. Bush: “Americans love a winner, no matter how they win - but if Mikhail Gorbachev was chosen to dismantle the Soviet Union - it may be the task of George W. Bush to divide, conquer, and destroy America; leaving it so polarized as to be unrecognizable to those who thought Liberty and Justice were for all...”

He still IS President, and the THIRD TERM is as good as here, in spite of the best efforts of the four Americans left on the air you can still trust. As Lauren Bacall might say: “The rest of them can go to Hell...”

My Name is Michael Sterling, and it was I who appended “when he's serious” to Olbermann's name. His attempts to mimic the worst persons in the world, threaten to cancel out his historic Special Comments, and lose the audience that so urgently needs to hear the truth only he has spoken to power. Rachel is right behind him. This election is being fought in the gutters by the eye-rollers and name-callers. There are now nights when the news they have to work with, renders even Stewart & Colbert unfunny, and they are the best on the planet - National Treasures in every sense of the word. Rachel Maddow belongs right there with them if only she can continue to be who she is, and not what someone wants her to be.