Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Reign Of Terror

An on-air news contributor was syllables away from disclosing that Pat Tillman was triple-tapped to the head when the MSNBC "BREAKING NEWS" graphic wiped the screen; replacing him with the first image of the collapsed I-35W bridge.

There has been no mention of Pat Tillman since.

I have met the new Manson Family, and I'll take my chances with them rather than those responsible for the unabated retreat mining of the United States.

If today's Executive Orders and signing statements had been in place in 2006, Macaca would be in Gitmo for ending George Allen's presidential campaign and threatening National Security.

The first Muslim Congressman only got a destroyed bridge hours after apologizing for declaring 9-11 an inside job.

On that very day, an Oregon Congressman's request to view NSPD-51 was refused by the White House.

Let's hope Portland isn't the next target.

ROT - the new acronym for what's really going on.

My name is Michael Sterling. I worked for Robert Abel, and I have a reunion to go to.