Friday, January 2, 2009

A Tale Of Two Brothers

“No one wants to hear the truth.”

The most beautiful woman in Glendora told me that back in the 70's, and she was right.

“What is truth?”; the three words that condemned Jesus, have been shortened to three syllables for the ironic Post-Modern World... “Whatever!”

Post-Modern Irony is NOT my term. I heard it during the Hollow Days after being asked how “I was doing”. I may have been mistaken trying to answer with the fact that “Your Money Or Your Life”; the grisly game-show from TIME BANDITS, was pretty much “all TV / all the time” 17 years later. My mistake may have been in answering at all. Though not interrupted by the proclamation that THAT was “Post-Modern Irony”, my attempt to point out that whatever you labeled it, DEAL OR NO DEAL, The Biggest Loser, or Are You Smarter than A 5th Grader?, was not what Terry Gilliam had in mind. A mind that may have been warning against a world that need not have come to pass. A point subtly negated by the Holiday Spirit and someone who just wanted to change the subject.

A world that is definitely here.

STAY TUNED for the HOMELAND SECURITY USA and American Idol marathons, followed back to back by the new Surveillance Channel, GAZA LIVE!, and the COPS/LOCKDOWN bundle.

“God Damn America”? That's OUR job!

Someone finally step-framed the footage of Barney Bush nicking a reporter that got too close, and the bared teeth behind the cuddliness we assume we are about to pet, was exposed at last.

William Ayers was finally interviewed on Cable News AFTER the election. Asked over and over again by the Billy Mays of MSNBC if he was repentant, or wanted to confess on NATIONAL TV to the acts that allowed Sarah Palin to accuse Barack Obama of palling around with Terrorists before it was revealed that she herself, had been palling around with OxyContin Junkies, Ayers continued to push for a chance to speak to a larger picture. The slavering Chris Matthews may have had a point as he had been a Capitol policeman during the time of the bombings in question, but he had no right to bludgeon his guest solely to get the one answer he wanted (WE DO NO TORTURE. Unless...). Ayers finally succeeded where Ward Churchill had failed before him, and got a reluctantly civil Matthews to ask what had struck the "Domestic Terrorist" most about the "historic" campaign. William Ayer's answer: “the dishonesty of the narrative” dropped News Anchor's jaws everywhere, and took the words right out of my mouth.

I don't believe he's been interviewed since.

There is much this hope-addicted country* desperately doesn't want to hear; itself, a subject of inquiry if there ever was one, but asking questions has been replaced with not looking for answers, or not allowing them to be asked in the first place.

After all, “What is truth?” might open an inconvenient dialogue when “Whatever...” is such an easy way to avoid a discussion entirely.

Especially when “Your Money, THEN Your Life” is on.


*Perhaps the most taboo of subjects avoided over Thanksgiving to New Year visits and dinners, was the POSSIBILITY that handing over the Presidency and the reins of the country to Barack Obama is unconstitutional, and will be the last trip through the shredder for our Constitution, and the last nail in the coffin of the Country envisaged by those who actually wrote it.

Are YOU an Obot?

Still proud to be an American?

My Name IS Michael Sterling, and this is post 111. Like the three notches of Arni Saknussem, the effort put into these pages may all be moot after the Obama Inauguration, but it won't have been for naught. Thank you all.

PEACE BE UPON YOU. ESPECIALLY the children of Gaza.