Sunday, September 7, 2008

Death To America (Part Two)

This is NOT about Sarah Palin. It's about those hiding behind her. Using her. Against those they deem the enemy - all who disagree with them from this point on.

America's 4th Civil War has begun however, and it started when she took the stage; as perfectly designed and crafted a candidate as the perfectly designed and crafted Beatles substitute that was marketed to America and the world as "The Monkees".

She deserves no further mention here, except for the first thing I heard said about her: “Once a sports newscaster, always a sports newscaster”.

Barack Hussein Obama raised the bar too high for the truly Dark Ones to compete, so they just got rid of it.

The coming election will be decided like none in the history of the United States. The Permanent Republican Majority will finally become a set in stone reality, when FOX NEWS lets it slip that if their Dream Ticket wins, those whose votes defeated the Democrats will be turned loose in a spree of trickle-down payback that will tear marriages and families apart while promoting both, all while putting a grin on Nixon and Reagan's decaying skulls. Eight years of guilt and embarrassment canceled in a signing statement orgy of sanctioned violence far worse than the rolled eyes and snide, demoralizing remarks we're faced with now.

Hannity won't strangle Colmes on the air. It will be more effective to watch Alan melt under the new public scrutiny and denounce his previous "good cop" positions faster than Steve Centanni denounced Islam.

To those of the Greatest Generation who are unlucky enough to live to see that day, I apologize.

Orwell's "Two Minutes' Hate" is about to last four more years.

Nothing entitled "Death To America" should come in parts, but Part One was a warning that even DISCLOSURE; the biggest event in the history of History, could be manipulated to keep the slaves in bondage. Now we see just how easy it will be.

I don't usually quote Charlton Heston, but he's beyond the Bardo, and has surely been shown the error of his ways and seen the truth behind one of his best lines: “You maniacs! You blew it up! Damn you! God... damn you all to hell!”

“Freedom of choice Is what you got
Freedom from choice!
Is what you want!”

My Name is Michael Sterling, and I approved this message, which NEVER mentioned John McCain. Ooops.