Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The Agony of Defeat

“San Francisco! Here we go...”

What do Osama Bin Laden, Dick Cheney, and the Olympic Torch have in common?

They all need an undisclosed location.

The ghost of Vince Walker; dictating the wire story of the beating of Mahatma Gandhi's non-violent followers at the Dharasana Salt Works, hovered over the City by the Bay today, as camera after camera strained to see where the torch had gone after it was unceremoniously run into the empty warehouse closest to where the lighting ceremony had taken place minutes before.

Very Republican. Very Chinese.

No Martin Sheen, even Wolf Blitzer finally asked the obvious; if the route was changed to avoid crowds, “didn't that defeat the purpose?”

I will finish the speech heard around the world, and I'll only change two words.

“Whatever moral ascendancy China once held was lost here today. Tibet is free, for she has taken all that steel and cruelty can give and she has neither cringed nor retreated.”

My Name is Michael Sterling, and I know what I'm going to do.