Thursday, May 3, 2007

Over Here

We HAVE lost the war "over there", because we're already fighting it here... amongst ourselves. A fight we cannot win.

Who needs Al-Qaeda?

Success in Iraq is now defined as "when the level of violence there, is as acceptable as it is here". With Ann Coulter, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Lou Dobbs, John Gibson, Cavuto, Malkin & O'Reilly, Chris Matthews, Scarborough, Tucker Carlson, Brit Hume, and Ted Nugent (TED NUGENT!) setting us at each other's throats, the troops will be home quicker than you can say "shelter in place".

More violence. At last, a benchmark George W. Bush can look forward to.

When you can no longer lower the bar, you raise the floor?

Don't watch the news?

There's always Lockdown: Gangland, Lockdown: Predators Behind Bars, Lockdown: Inside Maximum Security, To catch A Predator, Cheaters, Coyote Ugly, Ultimate Coyote Ugly Search, Predator Raw: The Unseen Tapes, A Killer On Campus, Born In The Wrong Body, Seconds From Disaster, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?, Criminal Minds, Dukes Of Hazzard, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, CSI: Miami, Law & Order, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Law & Order: Criminal Intent, Moral Court, Diagnosis Murder, Jerry Springer, Entertainment Tonight, Access Hollywood, Judge Judy, Deal Or No Deal, Identity, Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader?, Wheel Of Fortune, Family Feud, Cold Case, Sex and The City, War Stories With Oliver North (Oliver North!), American Idol Rewind, Lock-Up, Trading Spouses: Meet Your New Mommy, or a new series about a woman who is Wife, Mom, Bounty Hunter.

And of course, COPS.

A clause in Dick Cheney's rider requires that FOX NEWS be on any TV, in any room he stays in while traveling.

Think watching TV at all is a waste of time? Perhaps. Unfortunately, that sounds like the same thinking that allowed a report titled "Bin Laden Determined To Attack Within United States" to go ignored just days before 9-11.

Ignored like this warning the night Rumsfeld resigned.

Rushing to celebrate their own peace dividend (LIFE TAKES VISA), those who innocently thought they won the November election should be watching the guilty who can't afford to lose, are still in power, and have one last window in which to save themselves by blaming a new enemy... Democrats.

The only Americans we can trust are Stewart, Colbert, and Olbermann (when he's serious).

The next attack on America will be the last, because anyone left alive will deny their previous ideals, allegiances, and hopes - like a disciple pretending he has no Master 3 times before the cock crows - and THAT was the plan all along.

On April 22, 2006, AIR FORCE ONE got tagged. Painted on the cowling of the left outboard engine were the words "STILL FREE". Tonight, as MSNBC steals the show again, the (R)eptilians will peck their way out of their shells under the outstretched right wing of AIR FARCE ONE. Who will the joke be on this time?

Only (R)on Paul will prove that he alone is "STILL FREE".

I may not be laughing, but I WILL BE WATCHING.

My Name is Michael Sterling, and I approved this page.