Saturday, January 16, 2010

Why do we never get an answer?

Ian Punnett's stock went up when he announced that the EYEWITNESS to the "slipping" of the "underwear bomber" onto Flt 253 in Amsterdam would be the first hour C2C guest tonight.

Suspicions of the Noory/Punnett/CIA connection quickly returned when Punnett allowed his guest to blow by the most obvious question of the interview. Worse, FAST BLAST was turned off and there appeared to be NO WAY to ask the guest before he was gone if the three pre-screened callers failed to do so.

Sooooo, I went to Haskell's website* and asked him myself.

FEEL FREE (you still feel Free, don't you?) to do the same, as that page is linked to my submission (did I say that out loud?).

To paraphrase the message recently handed me by Stanley A. Grovom (POTUS 45): “If you keep on asking what you have already asked, you will keep on knowing what you already know.”

My Name is Michael Sterling. REPEATING: The "sharp dressed man" and the guy in the orange jumpsuit are dead ends. The NWA employee who was told "We do this all the time", and the Supervisor (Manager?) they passed the suspicious ticket buyers on to however, can certainly be tracked down through NWA records of that day & time. Anyone in Amsterdam want to place a couple three local calls in order to find out?

*Unfortunately, this is the Haskell response: Thanks for your email. You are right, something does need to be done. However, I have a feeling it may not be.

Have a wonderful morning.