Thursday, December 14, 2006

The Post-Apocalypto World

Saudi Arabia has spoken, and the message is so monstrous that the messenger has postponed his "New Way Forward" speech until after the New Year in order to give Americans one last Christmas before the boom is truly lowered.

Just as there were no "SAUDI ARABIA ATTACKS U.S.!" headlines on September 12th 2001, there will be no "SAUDI ARABIA SUPPORTS INSURGENCY!" disclosure in 2007. Not that they didn't threaten to do exactly that, but because George W. Bush will continue to sacrifice Americans in order to keep it from happening.

The Saudi Ambassador to the United States resigns and flies home as easily as the Bin Ladens, during those hazy days when the World Trade Center lay in smoking ruin.

All after the Vice-President's trip to the palaces of the Royal Family during Thanksgiving.

Apocalypto has come and already gone, and not one media personality or critic even spoke about the film itself.

Not one.

But the leader of the Free World has been busy meeting with everybody necessary to take control of the United States to the next level; a level where we won't get to play anymore. A level the United States as we know it won't survive.

Just as the actions of Tom Cruise were more important than the anti-war message of "War Of The Worlds", Mel Gibson's personal opinions appear to have been more important than why Mayan civilization collapsed.

Who might have wanted that?

Complaining for weeks about an Actor's antics on a day-time talk-show IS NOT the same thing as stepping into a darkened theater to watch his reaction upon seeing the proof of hostile extra-terrestrial life breaking through the streets of his hometown; followed by the realization that he's at the mercy of a superior force that he's lucky to have escaped. A realization that catches up to him as he rushes home to protect the family he's been accused of ignoring, but is first in his thoughts. Thoughts that stop him in his tracks as he stares into the familiar mirror at a totally impossible sight; his face, the jacket that he thought made him look cool, the toes of his right shoe that he was just flooring his classic Mustang with -- every pore and thread that make up his reality -- completely covered in human ash.

We are all Iraqis.

Threatening to boycott a Director's work before you've seen it, went out with "The Last Temptation Of Christ". Only other Directors should advocate such a course, and they're too smart to do something that stupid.

Anyone who didn't recognize the Bush Family atop that sacrificial pyramid needs to see Apocalypto again, no matter what someone who "wouldn't walk across the street to see that", tells them.

Kubrick showed us the first murder in "The Dawn Of Man", and Mel shows us the first society based on early morning attacks, slaughter of the sleeping, and the subsequent slavery of anyone "not one of us".

Space Odyssey, Quest For Fire, Apocalypto... should all be shown in every High School across the country. Every objecting parent... encouraged to see all three first themselves, before they deny the next generation cosmic life lessons we ignore at our peril.

Senator John McCain stood at the RNC podium and called Michael Moore a "disingenuous filmaker" in front of the rabid, gathered Republicans hanging on his every word, when he himself had not even seen Fahrenheit 9-11. Surprised at the screams of approval from below, he actually used the line again to stoke the crowd even further while serving his own ends. A crowd that would have gladly offered up the enemy's still beating heart if they thought they could actually get away with it. If they weren't on TV.

We are all illegal.

Only six years from 2012, the murder and slavery are still going on.

Meet the new world, same as the old world.

Someone recently pointed out that there might as well be a new slogan: "Flying while Muslim", while desperately trying to make the point that such a slogan was as racist and heinous as the previous "Driving while Black". Within weeks, FOX NEWS; John Gibson and THE BIG STORY in particular, had FLYING WHILE MUSLIM -- no quotes, no question mark, no attempt to prevent their deaf viewers from thinking that America had, in fact, sunk to a new low -- emblazoned across the screen for all the world to see.

No wonder they hate us.

If Aliens are watching the daily output of the "Main Stream Media", instead of The Daily Show, they must be ready to start painting us all blue, unless they've hired some of us to do it for them.

One cannot watch Man-Apes, Neanderthals, or Mayans -- pastoral, warlike, or totally corrupt -- without recognizing ourselves, and those seated next to, or better yet, behind us. Movies are made for a reason. Art exists for a reason. We are all alive for a reason.

The clock is ticking.

2012 didn't make an appearance in Apocalypto, but before the Father finished speaking to his Sons, it was obvious that they all knew intimately what we casually throw away every day. We don't have much time to prove that we are Spiritual Beings who have learned from having a physical experience, instead of sentient animals still living with the fear of overnight annihilation while struggling every day to acquire and protect all that we have... in the name of God.

America is an idea, but ideas lead to other ideas, like the hard won peak that allows the adventurous climber to see an even more majestic vista, and we should be sharing what we see with all who would look.

Theoretical Physicist Michio Kaku recently confirmed that scientific conferences where the greatest minds share their discoveries are still conducted in English; amongst visitors and presenters from around the world, who love America and Americans in general. Still recognized as the country where most of the rest of the planet would choose to live if given the chance, Kaku went on to suggest that the dream that is America, and the Film Industry that makes Dreams reality, might be the human accomplishments that have had the most impact on anyone with access to a movie theater or DVD, and that the center of that creative power is HOLLYWOOD itself.


Someone however, is telling us otherwise. Someone is creating strife and fanning the flame of indecision until it consumes thousand of acres that could have fed us all. We may not have six years. We may not have two. We may not have until January 4th.

Mel Gibson was happy to get any number of moments onto the screen, but one that still stands out amidst the clamor of those who wish to keep others from seeing how things really are, is the Elder explaining to the assembled tribe who are hanging on HIS every word. Explaining how Nature gave Man something from every aspect of Herself, only to watch him take and take, without even a thought to giving something in return.

And when the Man had all the gifts that they could give, he left. Then the owl said: "Now the Man knows much and is able to do many things... suddenly I am afraid." The deer said: "the Man has all he needs. Now his sadness will stop. But the owl replied: "No. I saw a hole in the Man... deep like a hunger he will never fill... it is what makes him sad and what makes him want."

He will go on taking and taking... until one day the world will say: "I am no more and have nothing left to give."

Inconvenient Truths are preceded by inconvenient facts.

The fact that Gibson; in the finest HOLLYWOOD tradition, book-ends his epic with the very jungle it sprang from, is a Victory Roll he invites us all to share, as we ponder what "seeking a new beginning" actually means.

We could have all arrived at Jupiter Space by now. We could all be welcome guests of the Creator, instead of threatening each other because someone misspelled the Name.

BEYOND THE INFINITE is not just a location, it is a state of Mind. A goal.

We have come a long way. Today, anyone can learn to predict an eclipse. Why can we not see the smile on the face of those who still trick us with the political equivalent? Artists can get pretty bruised pointing that smirk out to the rest of us, and we should focus the energy it takes to do as we're told, follow orders, and keep in line, on the Panavision panorama they continually point to. A final scene in the journey we were all created equal in order to take. A Peace we are all destined to reach.

We should thank them with every breath we take.

At the risk of setting a precedent...

I'll do it.


My Name is Michael Sterling, and I approved this page.