Sunday, March 18, 2007


"How do we measure loss?"

Battlestar Galactica has grappled with the Iraq War, the occupation by a vastly superior force, Insurgency, and detention without due process, and tonight, with whether the acting President of the remainder of the Human Race is not only personally responsible for the deaths of those he misled, but if he even deserves the right to a fair trial for his War Crimes.

During that trial, the prosecution points out the exact number of Colonists that died on his watch. In doing so, they may have actually given us the milestone, benchmark, call it what you will, when George W. Bush should be given a fair trial - when the 5,197th American soldier dies after the horrors of the failed surge, and it's follow-on tactic suggested by Karl Rove's favorite computer program; Politically Inevitable Social Seque: OFFICIAL, or PISSOFF.

5,197. A number to remember no matter what those who refuse to tell grieving Parents, Spouses, and Children, that their loss was in vain, choose to distract us with next.

It's worked for four years, but not a day after the death of Soldier 5,197.


to be continued...