Friday, August 7, 2009

The New National Pastime

What could be more horrific than watching De Niro as Al Capone, gaining the trust of his cronies during a pep talk conducted with a baseball bat for emphasis? A deception that ends when that same bat is brought down full force on an unsuspecting thug's skull. Answer? Watching someone "sitting in" for Glenn beck, ranting at anti-stimulus graphics using a BASEBALL BAT as a pointer.

A real jaw-dropper. Whether he was pointing or not, it was clear that he was armed and dangerous.

Like the members of Capone's dinner party that didn't have their brains splashed across the china, the FOX NEWS audience has given their trust and allegiance to a 24/7 pep talk, perhaps with the guilt-ridden hope that the mortal blow will be dealt to someone else. Someone not part of "the team".

Their team.

And there's nothing MSNBC can do about it. With the slanderous “tin-foil hat” name-calling of the Birthers, Matthews to Maddow have sunk to the same level as the propaganda they were the only factual response to; losing their pre-impersonation integrity, and anyone not on "their" team in the process.

Two idiot armies, ready to fight America's 4th Civil War. The first conflict, fought to abolish slavery. The 2nd, to keep those free slaves from having the civil rights that proved they were actually free. The third battle was against the Hippies and all those who discovered, championed, then actually practiced Higher Consciousness during summers of Love. Now, those who lost the first three (but refuse to admit it, and fight on) have pitted us against ourselves. A battle a hidden third party is determined to win, no matter who suffers this time. A war someone will have to lose no matter what.

With commentators drawing down on each other like a really bad alternate ending to Reservoir Dogs, is it any wonder that the American viewer; conditioned to unconsciously mimic what they see on TV and accept same as true, have assumed the worst and are determined to "get theirs" before someone else does?

The only reason the Donny Deutsch of FOX NEWS switched to a less threatening Hannity-like baseball when he signed off without saying his name, may have been an intern or producer shouting: “Jesus!, lose the bat! Sterling may be watching.”

Little comfort to a single Mom awaiting word from the hospital about her oldest son; himself a victim of a thug with a baseball bat.

Mercifully, she wouldn't have been watching Glenn Beck.

That's my job.

My Name is Michael Sterling. Here endeth the lesson.