Sunday, February 18, 2007


Over 4 months since the American People swept the Permanent Republican Majority out of Congress, and we are more at risk than Will Smith in a lingerie shop.

Surveillance cameras are going up in Mission Beach; the Beirut of San Diego, and Raptors are landing in Okinawa.

Bobby Trendy is the only man to speak well of Anna Nicole Smith.

The only bright spot on the horizon is RENO 911!: MIAMI.

Art Bell still denies the obvious 9-11 TRUTH. Every chance he gets.

I miss Crestone, and I never really lived there.

Once again, the Divider has switched the "debate" to supporting the Troops, the War, the Surge, the War, the Troops, and away from the fact that America is still living under One-Party Rule.

I'll ask again: "How come "Thomas Brian Reynolds"; Jon Voight's evil CIA villain in "ENEMY OF THE STATE", was born on September 11th?"

Since 1998.

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