Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The Trap Is Set

Occam's Razor suggests that the reason there hasn't been another 9-11, is because it hasn't been necessary.


The Bush administration is once again being accused of being incompetent and misleading the American people. Amidst the spin and possible mis-direction, one thing is NOT being said - that those who bragged about establishing a Permanment Republican Majority may just be where they want to be - the one group of people that stand to gain the most if proven "right all along".

As I've said before, it is a group that contains those who could most easily bring about the very event they warn us of.

They have an ever-closing window of opportunity (335 days) to do exactly that.

“The next attack on America will be the last because anyone left alive will deny their previous ideals, allegiances, and hopes, like a disciple pretending he has no Master 3 times before the cock crows, and THAT was the plan all along."

My Name is Michael Sterling, and everything I've said is true.