Friday, April 27, 2007

You Are Where You Are

"People are no damn good."

Bill Moyers is NOT one of them. If however, there is an Angelic Being guarding the pearly-gated community called Heaven, "Buying The War" could serve as the touchstone used to grant entrance.

The 21st Century successor to "All The President's Men", is as damning as the original. Days after it aired, newscasters and pundits; some still performing the same functions documented in the run up to the Iraq War, and congressmen with capitol R's affixed to their names, are furiously trying to avoid the obvious... without even mentioning EXHIBIT A by name.

The day before, Ann Coulter announced on Hannity & Colmes that she would just talk over the fellow guest that had interrupted her, and did so. A tactic used that very night by John McCain against Jon Stewart as McCain tried in vain, to gloss everything thing over with the new/old new/old/Noory/Bell neo-con mantra: "WE ARE WHERE WE ARE." Anyone lucky enough to see "Buying The War" now knows HOW WE GOT HERE.

Perhaps the slogan should be updated: "R-People are no damn good," or "People (R) are no damn good."

Both are redundant as of April 25, 2007.

The Long War is officially over. Here is a list* of those who DID NOT LOSE.

Ann Sparanese
Stephen Colbert & the COLBERT NATION
The Dixie Chicks
John Lennon
Neil Young
Ron Paul
John Murtha
Roger Waters
Harry Belafonte
Michael Moore
Dennis Kucinich
Howard Dean
John Dean
Bob Woodward
Richard Clarke
George McGovern & William R. Polk
Al Franken
Sean Penn
Keith Olbermann
(especially Keith Olbermann)
Arianna Huffington
Mike Stark
Alex Saikowski
Maureen Dowd
Kathy Griffin
Helen Thomas
Todd Snider
Muhammed Yunus
Matt Groening
Barbara Streisand
Alex Jones
Wenyi Wang
George Clooney
Russ Feingold
Caroline Rhea
Michael Isikoff & David Corn
Barack Obama
Harold Ford Jr.
Jim Webb
Aaron Sorkin
Janine Garafeolo
Jeff Rense
Alec Baldwin
Robin Williams
Randi Rhodes
Trey Parker & Matt Stone
Mary Mapes
Jeeni Criscenzo
Lori Saldaña
Scott Ritter
Tammy Duckworth
Seymour Hersch
Noam Chomsky
Paul Newman
Dan Rather
Korey Rowe & Dylan Avery
Gore Vidal
Henry & Kyra Akins
George Lucas
Steven E. Jones
George Soros
Bev Harris
Robert F. Kennedy Jr
Patrick Tillman Sr. & Mary Tillman
Francine Busby
Kevin Tillman
Joan Baez
James Carville
Marc Ecko
Peter Wallsten
Valerie Plame & Joe Wilson
Lt. Ehren Watada
Lawrence O'Donnell
Bill Maher
Martin Sheen
Greg Palast
Max Cleland
Elizabeth Holtzman
Mike Jones
Tom Beattie
Cindy Sheehan
Edward Kohout III
Michael J. Fox
Ronald D. Moore & David Eick
Sidney Blumenthal
Judd Hirsch
Kanye West
Wayne Madsen
Mary McDonnell
Al Gore
William Blum
Michael C. Ruppert
Webster G. Tarpley
Gary Hart
David Kuo
The Cyonic Guard
Appeal for Redress
Robert Greenwald
the Wachowski Brothers
Kinky Friedman
Richard Dawkins
Ron Howard
Elizabeth de la Vega
Lewis Black
Cynthia McKinney
Robert Fisk
Jim Bell
Howard Zinn
Chris Hedges
Michael Blake
Ward Churchill
Anna Nicole Smith
Chalmers Johnson
Peter Lance
Barry Lando
Kevin Phillips
Bishop John Shelby Spong (Ret.)


*Less Jack Cafferty. "Is Anna Nicole still dead?" was NEVER funny.

His place aboard the TEOTWAWKI is hereby given to Christopher (GOD MUST GO!) Hitchens for thinking about "god is not Great" since he was 9.

My Name is Michael Sterling, and I approved this list. Twice.