Monday, October 19, 2009


In 1989, we saw footage of Chinese students massing in Tiananmen square. We saw them erect a crude copy of the Statue of Liberty and demand Freedom and Democracy. We saw the Red Army called in by the Politburo to restore order, and we saw Chinese tanks roll in to back them up. We saw the lone man standing in front of one, continually moving to block its progress. What we didn't see was the slaughter that followed.

Many wondered why the United States did nothing.

“We” did nothing because the father of the current President was on his way to China to procure their tacit agreement not to interfere with his own plans for the upcoming Gulf War. The price? “Our” tacit approval of the murder of over ten thousand University students who wanted nothing more than to be like “Us”. No wonder George Herbert Walker Bush threw up at an official Japanese dinner on his way to China. He got his war and China went unchecked. Iraq got it's tacit consent to invade Kuwait and as a result of “liberating” a country even less democratic than China, the United States got to keep it's airbases in Saudi Arabia as surely as Saddam Hussein got to keep his palaces in Baghdad. When asked to leave by the countries that had invited us, we simply said “We'll leave when the job's done...”, even though we were asking for future reprisal of the most virulent kind from the Radical Muslim fundamentalists that viewed our continued presence in the land of Mecca and the Kaaba as the greatest insult possible. Hussein returned to Baghdad, we stayed in Saudi Arabia, and the “job” remained undone...

... until Osama bin-Laden's mercenary terror network took out the World Trade Center.

September 11, 2001. A Chinese Peoples Liberation Army transport landed in Kabul Afghanistan. The Chinese officials had come to sign a contract; the very contract Osama bin-Laden had requested. A contract that provided the Taliban with state of the art communications, missile defense, and air defense systems in exchange for the Taliban's promise to end Muslim extremist attacks in China's northwestern provinces. Attacks that stopped as the Bush Administration's “War On Terror” began, and systems that have yet to be used.

From IllumiNation! (12.12.2002)

Oh, there's more - almost 7 years later - but with a 6 year old's projectile vomiting HEADLINE NEWS, we all need to re-think just what a "hoax" is, and how guilty those "riveted to the screen" truly are.

Maybe then, we'll tune out our favorite "Reality Show" long enough to see the real conspiracy that threatens us all.

If we're lucky, we may live to feel the relief all sick puppies feel after they've purged all the toxic poisons from their system.

“HAL was told to lie - by people who find it easy to lie.”

2010: The Year We Make Contact

My Name is Michael Sterling. When America throws up, who will hold her hair back?


After all, I did put my finger down her throat.