Thursday, June 4, 2009

Father Of Daughters


As promised, Obama speaks to the Muslim world, and he spoke as you would expect a father fearful for his Daughters future to speak. A man determined to do something about that very future.

If you watched the mother of all speeches live, how many minutes passed before you realized George W. Bush couldn't even have come close? Or John McCain? Sarah Palin? Mitt Romney? Rush Limbaugh? Sean Hannity?

Anybody? No? Then STFU!

We may actually have a President (did I say that out loud?) that by definition is the opposite of an Ugly American - and having stolen any thunder Osama Bin-Laden had left, politely cleaned the clocks of the disloyal opposition, and extremists* from Boehner & Gingrich, to Coulter & Malkin. If he now chooses to put his feet up while the Great Satan tears itself apart on Cable NEWS and Talk Radio, he will have done his best, and we will deserve the fate we make.

insert ‘Brazil’ theme here...

As has been said of Amused To Death, this speech wasn't a masterpiece. It was another masterpiece.

Especially this line.

“Be conscious of God, and speak always the Truth.”

It's a whole new ballgame, and it started at 1:11.

My Name is Michael Sterling. Peace be upon the new owner of a Father Of Daughters TEE. You know who you are.

*Only hours before the President proved he was the leader of the Free World, I had finished Harry Turtledove's "The Man With The Iron Heart"; an alternative history where the Nazi SS, though defeated, carried on an insurgency for years after V-E Day against the occupying Allies. Military Sci-Fi written to mirror the results of the occupation of Iraq, but which reads even more like a description of post-Obama America - where defeated Republicans; refusing to play by the rules - are still trying to cause the President of the United States (and anyone that doesn't agree with them) to fail. Something even the author probably failed to imagine.

Even on a day like today.